What is Digital Marketing? | A Complete Guide

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the practice of selling your services online through different mediums like SEO, Social Media, Email, PPC, and App Marketing.

Let’s discuss more about this online marketing.

Anything that involves marketing through electronic devices to AI based software is known as digital marketing. It is done by online or offline medium. Both mediums completes the chain of digital marketing strategy.

Now let’s dive in to the ocean of Digital Marketing, where it begins:-

  1. SEO
  2. SEM
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. PPC
  6. Affiliate Marketing
  7. Email Marketing
  8. Native Advertising
  9. Influencer Marketing
  10. Marketing Automation
  11. Web-based Advertising
  12. Text Messaging
  13. Video Marketing
  14. Inbound Marketing

I’ve told you all the fundamentals of digital marketing which are important.

Now we’ve to understand, why we should digital marketing? And why we shouldn’t focus on other marketing channels?

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Do you remember billboards?

I do!

Before 2015, Many business spent hundreds million dollars on billboard advertising.

After realizing the power of online marketing, companies started investing their money on Digital Marketing services.

It made Google and Facebook so rich, they generated more revenue than any traditional media companies.

Digital marketing has tremendous power to capture millions of eyeballs at same time. All it gives you more sales, profit and leads.

Let’s take a broad view of people who are using these platforms;

Total smartphone users in the world is 5 Billion.

  1. Facebook users – 2.96 billion
  2. Instagram users – 1 billion
  3. Google users – 4 billion
  4. YouTube users – 2 billion

So, you can estimate how our generation is adapting with technology quickly. Hope, you get to know the power of digital marketing.

10 billion searches on Google is a clear hint for you, how much you can make?

If you are anyone from below who really want to understand digital marketing in deeply and easy way then just keep reading;

  1. Retailer
  2. Mentee or coach
  3. Marketer
  4. Freelancer

Don’t you think, you need digital marketing to expand your business. Right or wrong ?

With digital marketing you know your customer’s buying behavior, their needs and wants.

To grow your business you need a bullet proof marketing strategy to grow in hungry market.

Digital Marketing History

Do you remember, who invented telephone?

Yes! Galileo Galilei. Now tell me,

Do you know, who invented digital marketing?

He was Guglielmo Marconi born in 1874. In 1896, he conducted an experiment of public transmission of wireless signals in front of the brothers and sisters of England.

Later on, he invented the radio and observed morse signals were transmitting through open water.

The demonstration was going live onward public. After the success of Radio, it started listening over thousands of houses so creators took less time to know, how they can sell goods from it?

“Opera performance at the met” did the first live broadcast and people bought tickets like hell.

This incident knocks the door of “Digital Marketing”.

I told you this story because I want you to inspire by how great inventions changed the people’s live and is continuously changing.


Types of Digital Marketing

There are two types:-

  1. Online Marketing
  2. Offline Marketing

Let’s take an overview of both marketing.


Online Marketing

You know there are many ways to sell your products & services online, it’s not at all difficult you made.

All you need is to become the master of these digital marketing fundamentals:-

  1. SEO
  2. SEM
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. PPC
  6. Affiliate Marketing
  7. Email Marketing
  8. Native Advertising
  9. Influencer Marketing
  10. Marketing Automation
  11. Web-based Advertising
  12. Text Messaging
  13. Video Marketing
  14. Inbound Marketing

Are you enjoying? Have a sip of water please, then continue.

Let’s understand each digital marketing fundamentals one by one:-


Search Engine Optimization is more than a tool or practice of getting your website ranked at top, when people search for targeted keywords.

Doing SEO gives your website free traffic and leads. With it, you can monetize your business in any profitable means.

There are countless methods of doing SEO & getting your website ranking at top but here we will discuss few of them.

On-Page SEO

As name already defines, You’ve to SEO all the content existed on a page. It includes activities like searching highly optimized keywords that fulfils user’s intent, optimization of images, adding relevant links etc.

Answering questions of the readers not only helps you rank higher on search engines but also builds your credibility. 

SEO requires ” Research” a deep research of ranking factors to get the top position on SERP ( Search Engine Ranking Page ).

These are the important factors for which a web page ranks higher on SERP;

  1. Quality of Content
  2. User Engagement
  3. Mobile Friendliness
  4. Numbers and Authority of Links
Off-Page SEO

This type of SEO takes effort and energy to rank a page higher on SERP. The most dominating factor in ranking of a website is inbound links.

Inbound links or backlinks are spirits of a web-page behind ranking. The more no. and quality of backlinks you have the better warrior you are in competition.

Suppose you want to rank for “Dog Foods” keyword in Google. And you made a page with unique content but you’re not appearing in search results when a user search for. 

You are still wondering with even after doing on-page and off-page seo, why I’m ranking in 8-10th page of Google instead at top?

Here the power of backlinks smash you! 

If High authoritative sites links your page then your page will be pushed to top 10 search results. But how can I get links from high authority sites?

See, if you want to rank higher then you need backlinks. You can acquire backlinks from writing quality guests posts on those websites. When you’re writing content for it just add link to your money page on anchor text.

Now reach out to them on email with your content. If they agree then,

Congratulations! You earned a backlink. 

Technical SEO

SEO Practices done on the backend of your website with SERP friendly coding. It also includes image compression, structured data & CSS file optimization.

All these practices increase your website loading speed which is a important ranking factor in Google.


  1. Gives your website organic traffic from Google and Bing
  2. Build strong customer relationship
  3. Helps you rank on popular keywords


  1. Takes time to get results
  2. A change in Google algorithm badly affect your ranking
  3. You have to change your SEO campaign strategy on Google updates,



Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a digital marketing channel in which paid ads are run on search engines to increase website traffic. 

We’ve two famous search engines;

  1. Google
  2. Bing

As I said above paid ads are run on these search engines then you’re just inviting billions of visitors to your business. Now sell them what you want and if possible give a tip to me.

SEM gives your product or business huge promotion opportunity. You can just start your new brand and let ads market your products.

You can go with paid ads, SEO & Native Advertising which are three great ways to build powerful customer database using leads. Later you can use it to aware them about your new products.

Note:- Giving a minimum discount literally maximizes your investment.


  1. It targets right audience where your product can be out of stock 
  2. It shows your ads to the appropriate people at the right time


  1. Need a significant team size
  2. It costs you higher
  3. Need to monitor campaign very often
  4. Takes much time, energy and efforts.


Content Marketing

In this marketing channel, you target a wider audience of profitable niche by writing content. A well written content on website can be promoted via social media, email marketing, SEO & PPC campaigns.

It converts traffic or leads in to regular customers. To reach more customers offer them value in the form of written materials like:-

  1. Blog Posts
  2. E-Books
  3. Videos & Podcasts
  4. Newsletters
  5. Whitepapers
  6. Infographics 

Let’s understand them in more detail;

Blog Posts

Publishing helpful content on website helps your business leave a brand impression on reader’s mind. It also increases your organic search traffic that gives you more opportunities to convert website visitors into leads.


E-Books are great way to educate via long form content that makes visitor curious about a business. Furthermore, you can sell E-Books to your visitors in exchange of their name & contact info. It’ll generate leads for your business which you can use for selling your product.

Videos & Podcasts 

As you’re familiar with T.V and Radio then you know how they impacted our lives and how creators are now using to for selling their products.

Same goes with videos and podcasts. You can create videos & podcasts on your expertise and sharing them with your visitors. Later you can directly monetize these channels in the best way you can.


Do you love pictures? 

Obviously! Now think about your audience too. Readers love pictures as pictures can tell 1000 words at a time. Also they love it. It helps your readers to visualize a long piece of content more better.

Why need content marketing?
  • More than 84% of consumers expect valuable content from a company
  • More than 62% of companies are already involved in producing high level content on daily basis.

So, Content Marketing writers need to write content that ranks higher on SERP’s as well engage visitors with graphics, quotes etc.

You’ve to create content that should be shared by thousands of people. You can include proofs, videos, GIFs to make more engaging content.

As engaging content also tells free of grammatical errors, easy to understand & interesting when reading.


  1. It gives you unexpected results, three times more than SEM & PCC
  2. Writing blog posts, guides, & e-Books represents your company as a brand.


  1. Writing valuable content takes hell hours of time and effort


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing refers to the practice of generating traffic, leads, and brand awareness through different forms of content.

Here, content can be posts, infographics, videos, reels, short videos, quotes, and memes. Social media marketing increases the worth of your brand, products, services in front of the future and existing customers.

You can start doing social media marketing on popular digital channels like:- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest.

Choose a relevant social media platform by analyzing your business audience. For example if you have herbal products and want to sell then you need specific herbal audience. In this case Instagram and Pinterest would be best.

Create a social media calendar for Pinterest and Instagram for next 30 days where you’ll be adding posts, reels, memes on the following days. As well as running ads will boost your sales.

Social media gives you a great option in analyzing yours audience engagement data, ads campaign data and overall growth. 

If you want to get desired results then you must do following activities:-

  1. Creating high-quality & engaging content
  2. Responding to comments, DM’s & Questions in easy tone.
  3. Creating a social media calendar
  4. Posting at a right time
  5. Hiring bullet proof and smart social media team
  6. Understanding of which social media is best for your business 

What are you waiting for? Get your business active on social media.


  1. Get new customers everyday
  2. You’re represented as a brand to your followers
  3. You know your region customer’s needs


  1. Choosing right social media platform might difficult
  2. If chosen a wrong platform frequently growth stucks
  3. You’ve to post consistently & frequently with tone and flavor of your audience.



Let me tell you in simple way.

Whenever someone clicks on your digital ads you have to pay some amount. In PPC instead of spending a large sum of money on advertising that other digital channels do, PPC costs you when a user is interested in your product and he clicked on your ad. 

There are many ways to run PPC ads but ROI is higher in Search Engine Advertising. 

As you know, Google is most popular search engine with 8.5 billion searches per day, it becomes best digital channel to run ads.

Creating a eye-catching ad is essential to capture tons of lead but Google algorithm decided which ad to show at top and bottom in SERPs.

To create an ad that satisfies Google Algorithm then read these points carefully:-

  1. Quality of Ad
  2. Relevance of Keyword
  3. Quality of Landing Page
  4. Amount of Bid

If you make efforts in creating an ad on the basis of these points then your ads will be shown at top whenever a user search for your keyword.

PPC campaign gives you numerous ways to convert your unqualified leads to qualified leads. When a lead is qualified then you can monetize by selling your goods, creating awareness of new goods etc.

You can easily track data of running campaign and if it’s not driving results then you can reconstruct existing campaign.

Some popular PPC advertising channels are:- Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook. 


  1. Increases website traffic
  2. Increase your sales
  3. Easy to monitor data
  4. Gives you multiple ways to convert your visitors
  5. You can filter your leads by location, age, gender, and interests before running campaign


  1. Need creative & smart team 
  2. Costs you expensive 


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the practice of selling products and services of a company in exchange of money. It is just like promoting a product and when someone buy it, you get a commission.

Affiliate marketing works on the revenue sharing model. Many affiliate marketers promote a company’s product and service via their blog, YouTube channel, social media followers, and other digital marketing tactics.

If you’re business or one who wants to sell his product then affiliate marketing model will give best results. You can start creating affiliates of your products at some commission rates.

Now reach out to the influencers who’ve strong social media portfolio and tell them about your affiliate product.

It’ll increase your sales and profits. 

You can see how Amazon uses affiliate marketing model in promoting their products. Amazon has affiliate programs that pays millions of dollars every month to website owners, influencers, YouTubers who sell their products.


Email Marketing  

Email marketing is the marketing of products or services via email sent to the customers. 

A successful email marketing does following steps:-

  1. Show and tell customers about the topic in the header and body
  2. Integration of value and promotion
  3. Addition of unsubscribe button at the end content.

Your email should serve value to customers not just as a promotional or marketing tool.

Many tools are available in the market that automates your email marketing campaign, scheduling your emails, customized templates and much more.

If you want to run your campaign on autopilot then I suggest you to go for Mailchimp. 

You know 89% marketers tell that email marketing is a powerful lead generator. So don’t miss it.

A high profitable email campaign do these things best:-

  1. Sending emails to the right people 
  2. Ensuring email looks good on PC, mobiles, and tabs
  3. Scheduling your campaign
  4. Running of A/B tests.

Please make sure that you are sending emails at the right time otherwise users will neglect it. They may see it as irrelevant or waste of time or they’ll hit just unsubscribe button.


Native Advertising

Native advertising is the combination of helpful content and promotional stuff, both done at the same time. For example, A YouTube video that has both viewer content and sponsored content,

See this another example to understand native advertising.

A company writes about its new product and they publish it on business website named as “sponsored content”. 

There are many social media platforms where native advertising works best but here I’ve given the best:-

  1. Facebook Advertising
  2. Instagram Advertising
  3. Twitter Advertising

You can start your first campaign on Instagram by creating a 30 seconds informational video and asking viewers to sign up at the end. It’s just easy.


  1. Gives you great return
  2. Budget friendly 
  3. Easy to kick start


  1. Sponsored or promotional words might destroy your campaign
  2. People knows they’ve to skip advertising stuff if they found irrelevant.


Influencer Marketing

In influencer marketing, A influencer with large following, popularity or industry expert is hired in exchange of revenue.

Influencers show positive aspects about your product or service to their followers and say them to buy it. Influencer marketing works well on both models B2B & B2C.

So, its important to search for right influencer as they’re representing your business as a brand. If you hired a wrong influencer then he may damage your reputation badly.


  1. Works on the agreement model with influencer
  2. Expands your sales & revenue
  3. Gives customers from desired locations 


  1. May be expensive
  2. Finding a loyal and deserved influencer might be difficult.


Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a wide set of digital marketing tools that saves the time and increases efficiency of a digital marketing campaign. 

With marketing automation tools, you can focus on developing powerful strategies apart from spending time in monitoring campaign whole day.  

Marketing Automation basically builds strong personalization between your brand and customer.

  1. Collection of data & analysis of customer data boosts your growth of marketing campaign
  2. Auto sending messages and notifications in customer’s feed at right time increases the authority of a brand. 

When you search for a tool that can automate your campaign then you will find varieties of tools claiming we’re best but I suggest you to go for Mailchimp. 

Mailchimp helps you in creating individual prospect strategy without investing your precious time. Moreover with this tool you can interact with your audience on the basis their behavior, data-based automations, transactional emails and much more. 


  1. Boosts campaign results
  2. Saves time
  3. Boosts customer’s trust and your brand’s value. 


  1. Need expensive budget


Mobile Marketing

In mobile marketing, an automate digital marketing strategy is built to engage with your targeted customers via their mobiles and tabs.

It is done by sending, SMS, MMS messages, social media notifications, mobile app alerts and many more. To do mobile marketing in an efficient way, you must create content that force them to click.

It should be relevant, creative and up to the trend.

As 85% American use smartphone so you should create content that open up flawlessly in mobiles and computers screens.


  1. Fastest and effective way of digital marketing


  1. Privacy of customer’s data is on your hand, so use it carefully.


Web-based Advertising

In this digital marketing channel, A company promotes their product on high traffic websites in the form of sponsored or promotional tags at head.


  1. More conversion rate

  2. Reaches to wide area of interests


  1. Ads are run for specific time

  2. High traffic sites costs you expensive prices.


Video Marketing

If you want to grow your brand for absolutely free and promote your goods and services for free then video marketing is built for you. 

YouTube is the key to unlock all these treasures.

As YouTube is one of the most popular search engine worldwide. These days people are using YouTube as checking tool because when one wants to buy a watch, he search it on YouTube and extract all the pros and cons of that watch. Then he make purchase.

Doesn’t mean who you’re? If your business needs exposure in social media then you need to create valuable content for audience.  Many video marketing channels like TikTok, Instagram reels, Facebook videos & YouTube shorts have acquired a bigger audience. So its a goldmine for you.

Start utilizing these platforms to raise your business growth, sales & marketing for at no extra cost. If you get successful in integrating video marketing, content marketing & SEO then no one can stop you to “Ace”.


  1. Marketing turns to FREE
  2. Welcoming overseas customers


  1. Takes investment of time, energy and patience
  2. Need consistency in publishing content
  3. Becomes necessary to answers your viewers questions
  4. Need to have a video editor, writer, and SEO expert to beat your competitors
  5. Takes time, time and time. 


So, here we end up with all digital marketing channels. Now let’s move to more fundamentals of digital marketing.


Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

We have five fundamentals:- 

  1. Offline Marketing
  2. Television Marketing
  3. Radio Marketing
  4. Phone Marketing
  5. QR Codes

To be a pro digital marketer you need to understand them deeply. 

Are you enjoying, If unfortunately not then have a sip of coffee and continue reading.

Offline Marketing 

We’ve seen a sudden rise in offline marketing combining with technology. You can understand it from this example, 

Robots and iPads have been using to get orders and to serve customers in restaurant industry. Digital advertising in offline market catches thousands of eyes. See that image again. 

Do you remember pamphlets or boards! which a company used to promote their services. 

Now companies got smarter. They understood the power of digital advertising. Big companies have merged online and offline advertising in the form of digital billboards.

Digital billboards in Times square attracts 360,000 customers every day. To get place your board here you just need to spend $50,000 for one day.

Even Apple has started digital advertising to promote Apple products. 

Radio Marketing

Radio marketing is a form of audio marketing, still used by many big firms. Established companies are using radio marketing to promote their goods and services because Radio creates a strong connection between listener and creator.

How you can forget television marketing? That sounds for more than half century.

You’ll be shocked to know that 88% of Americans listen to radio every month.

That’s amazing number! Right.

And these Radio listeners spend an average of 99 minutes per day. Now radio advertising industry reached to $35.3 billion and is going to hit $46.7 by 2027 considering a growth rate (CAGR) of 4.7%, IMARC says.

Radio stations are now advertising sponsorships at the beginning of shows. To advertise your business or brand’s product, you need to search for local radio stations near me on Google. 

You’ve to filter customers according to your product like if you’ve brand that sells shampoo then 15-40 age group of people are your buyers. Now just filter radio stations that have listeners between 15-40 age group.

You can simply ask them to show data of actual age of your listeners.

Traditional advertising on radio is like to entertain first and grab the listener’s attention. You can go with the same for your business.   

Television Marketing

A huge traditional form of marketing since 19’s as it proofed a great invention in media tech industry. I literally like television marketing and still watch the marketing tactics of companies.

Cadbury changed its advertising video from old to a girl dancing with eating Cadbury chocolates. Have you watched that ad?

Interestingly, Cadbury adopted this marketing tactic to attract youth towards Cadbury chocolates. 

You know, Even after the growth of Netflix and Amazon prime users, there is still 122.4 million people who just watch their normal T.V in U.S.

Between 2019-2021 cable providers lost 6 million connections. That’s shocking drop after Netflix became popular. 

See, Running ads on TV are bit expensive as well as its difficult to find cream audience for your business. That’s why T.V marketing has lower ROI when we compare to other digital marketing channels. 

Some Viewers may find your ad as inappropriate even after spending millions of dollars for just 60 second commercial ad. So I suggest you to invest your hard earned money in streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.   

Phone Marketing 

It has become the biggest and fastest growing fundamental of digital marketing. Phone marketing performs well in online marketing & offline marketing . 

Nearly 7.26 billion people have smartphones worldwide and have internet connection for their daily stuff. You can visualize the opportunity to promote your merchandise without knocking doors individually.

In 2015, companies started spending more money on mobile ads than desktop ads and is continuously growing. 

OR Codes

A type of barcode which is used to take users to webpage or app. 

Scan this barcode later but now take a screenshot!

QR Code is great tool to deliver ads, send users to video or you can combine it with many digital marketing channels.

Pic of barcode. 

What is Digital Marketing? | A Complete Guide


Steps To Create An Offline Digital Marketing Strategy

The strategies that I’m going to tell you here will boost your sales tremendously.

Set-Up An Offline Marketing Strategy 

Creating a highly optimized ads for channels like digital boards, digital demonstration, in-person events works best to attract loyal customers in a pond of different fishes.

Create Radio Marketing Strategy

Start hunting for local radio stations in your area that goes with your business needs. Convert your needs in the form of vocal advertisements which should be highly engaging. 

You can add mimicry, silly voices, rap or showcasing your product in story form. All these tactics attracts buyers of different persona. 

Running Television Ads

You can get good ROI on TV ads by buying ad time during popular events going live with people. Create ads that are controversial, funny or emotional dialogues. 

Please understand that your ad should portray the needs and wants of consumer and it should as much creative that if any one just watch 5 sec of your ad then he should start taking interest and that clip must stuck in his mind. 

In one word, Your ad should be engaging. 

Running Ads On Phones

It is an cost-effective marketing strategy. You can automate cold calling by advanced software like Hubspot sales hub that gives you direct access to these stunning features.

  1. CRM-Data driven call prioritization
  2. Allows you to direct calling from desktop or pc
  3. Conversational intelligence abilities
  4. Automate CRM call logging.

You can leave ringless voicemails, send texts that contains offers, deals, and discounts to make customers subscribe.

Well, You can also use QR codes to do the same. After all this, let’s talk about why we should start digital marketing?


Benefits of Digital Marketing 

After having this recent sneak peak on fundamentals of digital marketing, its become necessary to know why we should opt it?

On the road of digital marketing, Anyone can reach to wide audience of people without investing much efforts and money. 

Meanwhile there are many benefits of digital marketing but I’ve highlighted some major benefits below:-

Wider Geographical Reach

Running ad campaigns on different digital channels grows your business reach globally. It also gives you an opportunity to reach larger audience on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. 


These days one can easily grow his business online at no extra cost and efforts. Traditional marketing tactics like running ads on newspaper, television marketing, and billboard advertising are just going cost you expensive. 

Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads gives you tremendous options to control and create strategies for your campaign whereas traditional marketing efforts leaves far behind. 

Just create a masterpiece blog, video, or reel and publishing it is going to draw tons of hungry visitors to your door. 

Build Strong Connection With Customers

Digital Marketing gives you many hands to hand-shake with your every customers in real time. Digital Marketing helps you communicate with your customers more easily.

Your customer feel it, when you send them latest posts, Graphics, Welcome messages, discounts and free access to premium courses.

Do you want to know, How I can create successful digital marketing strategy? Then here you go.


How To Create A Successful Digital Marketing Strategy?

With these steps, You can definitely create your own successful digital marketing strategy that will increase your brand awareness, engagement, sales and profits. 


Set a goal for your business where you will showcase steps needed to accomplish your goal.

Target Right Audience 

Finding and targeting right audience is as much as important as your money. Refine your audience based on demographics, age, gender, and their past purchasing behavior.

Right information about your audience will boost your campaign results.

Set A Budget

Budget planning saves your money from overspending on irrelevant digital channels. Prepare a budget for high return marketing channel.

Choose Right Digital Marketing Channels

I’ve told you all the possible digital marketing channels that will help you in growing your business. You must have to choose best digital platform to get hunger audience for your product.

For example, If you sell shoes then infographics and video sharing platform are best.

Keep Track of Your Campaign 

Keep an eagle like eye on your growth.

It will help you to identify weak and strong points of your campaign. Make sure to create your first campaign on the basis of these points.

  1. Impressions
  2. Reach 
  3. Clicks
  4. CTR
  5. Engagement Rate
  6. Conversions
  7. Cost per lead
  8. Effective cost per thousand impressions (eCPM)

These metrics will help you to understand campaign results better. Also look on metrics like ROI & Return on ad spend (ROAS), firs ad multi-touch attribution and lifetime customer value.


FAQ In Digital Marketing


Question:- Which is best digital marketing course?

Answer:- Google Digital Marketing Course [ Free With Certification ]. Digital Garage, Google’s online course platform are offering free digital marketing training. 

Google digital marketing course overview:-

  1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  2. How to start an online business
  3. How to make sure customers that find you online
  4. How to promote business with Google ads
  5. How to expand business to other countries.
  6. Mobile marketing
  7. Promote business with content marketing
  8. Social media advertising
  9. YouTube course [ Includes Certification]

Question:- What is digital marketing definition?

Answer:- Digital Marketing is a practice of growing business profits through social media, mobile apps, email, web apps, videos, and other digital channels.

Question:- What is SEO in digital marketing?

Answer:- SEO ” Search Engine Optimization” is the process of increasing a site visibility when people search in Google, Bing, and other popular search engines.

Question:- What are best digital marketing books?

Answer:- 1) Traction by Gabriel Weinberg & Justine Mares. 2) Building a strong brand by Donald Miller. 3) Contagious by Jonah Berger.  

Question:- Traditional Marketing v/s Digital Marketing.

Answer:- Digital Marketing is much more cost-effective, more audience targeted, whereas Traditional marketing targets broader audience and is expensive.

So choose your marketing medium by planning your budget and targeting right audience. 

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