YouTube for Android now has the ability to distribute video chapters directly.

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Let’s talk about ” YouTube for Android now has the ability to distribute video chapters directly.

The ability to directly share video chapters on the YouTube app for Android is set to improve content sharing.

YouTube on the desktop has had the option to share time-stamped links for a long time, allowing you to transmit a YouTube video with a specified timecoded segment to your friends. However, the mobile apps lack that feature, but this new feature now allows you to share YouTube video chapters from your Android phone if the author has added them.

Android Police was the first to notice this, and it takes a few steps to get started sharing. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to select individual video chapters by simply hitting the YouTube share button. The chapter title will appear on the playback progress bar if a movie contains timestamp tagged portions. When you tap this, the pre-sectioned chapters will expand, along with timecodes for each segment and a share button that allows you to email it to others via the Android system share sheet.

Naturally, for well-organized producers with pre-existing chapters, this could be a useful way to share information from your phone. If the YouTube video you’re watching doesn’t feature chapters, you won’t be able to access this menu on your Android phone.

We’re not sure if this is app-build-dependent, but the chapters-sharing feature has been reported on YouTube for Android v.16.20.35 and newer, according to AP. This suggests that the modification is being rolled out through a server-side update rather than depending on the app build number. However, it isn’t a bad idea to make sure you have the most recent version from the Google Play Store.

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