Toyota launched a flying car (SkyDrive) and tested for public-services

 Are you feeling excited more than me for this flying car?

Welcome bloomer’s again here, Today I am going to tell you about Toyota launched flying car and tested for public-services. Let’s bloom more about this:-

Toyota launched a flying car and tested for public-services 

After many years of hard work by Toyota, finally, they accomplished in their project SkyDrive and tested for public transportation. The company says still we have to make more development in

Toyota launched a flying car (SkyDrive) and tested for public-services
this SkyDrive so that it can fly more conveniently for public transportation, still, it flies proficiently in the field like areas. Toyota claims to make too advanced by 2023 in which 2 people can easily reach to their destination. These will be used more for commercial purposes. As you are familiar with SD-03, to be the smallest electric VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) in the world, and describing new means of transportation for city people. This SkyDrive has a total of 8 eight motors for flying, if 1 got damaged somehow, then it will be easy for flying in this case. It may be used for commercial purposes by the end of 2020 for single-seater and we can expect 2 seaters by 2023 for public transportation. It will reduce not only traffic problems, but the fuel consumption, and we would be able to travel faster for our destination. At last, I wanna say we are glad to be in the 20th century.
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