This Google Update will improve your working in Gmail

Google has announced a new Update in Gmail for the users. This new feature will let you easily move in products like Gmail, Google Chat, and Google meets from one place. This Google Update will add all these features in one location to make shifting between these apps easy.

Google is about to launch its first trial on the 8th of Feb in order to test it among users. So that later they can update it with ease. They will also add a feature for the users who feel not comfortable with it by an option to revert it to old Gmail via settings.

Users who have not updated for this new feature will automatically experience a new look by April. And by Q2 all the Gmail users will have to experience this new feature forcefully with an option not to revert to the classic Gmail.

Along with it, users will also experience a new streamlined navigation experience on chat web ( means you can not configure chat to display on the right side of Gmail.

Now, You may be thinking what is the need for this Google update?

You will have the new navigation menu in which you can easily switch between features like inbox, important conversations, and also will be able to join meetings.  The notification bubble on the screen makes it easier to you to see what is important at that time. When you are working in chat and spaces, you will be able to see your full list of conversations and spaces, all on a single screen makes it easier to navigate and operate.

The options like the array of mail and label options will still be available in the coming days also. Gmail is about to update at huge no. which is not going to make our life easier and faster at Gmail but also a soothing experience. In the search bar, you will see email and chat results making not the need to search for the desired product.

All these Google updates in Gmail will make you more focused on your work by eliminating useless emails and notifications. Also, you will be able to switch between different apps, windows, and tabs from one place.

I hope, you loved this new feature going to add to Gmail next week.

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