The UltraSharp 4K webcam from Dell employs artificial intelligence to keep you in the picture.

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Let’s talk about “The UltraSharp 4K webcam from Dell employs artificial intelligence to keep you in the picture.

Dell has released a high-end UltraSharp webcam for $199.99 that is currently available globally. Its cylindrical appearance harkens back to Apple’s classic iSight external webcam, but its features compete with Logitech’s Brio and other modern 4K-ready webcams. It also hopes to be a less expensive and simpler-to-install alternative to placing a DSLR camera behind your monitor.

The Sony STARVIS CMOS 8.3-megapixel sensor is housed in the UltraSharp, a USB-C webcam. It can record or stream in 4K at 30, 24, or 30 frames per second, as well as 1080p or 720p at 24, 30, or 60 frames per second. The field of view (FOV) can be adjusted to 65 degrees for a near crop, 78 degrees for a wider crop, or 90 degrees for the largest crop. The webcam offers a number of auto-light adjustment functions that strive to make your picture look excellent no matter what the lighting situation is. It includes autofocus and allows up to 5x digital zoom.

The UltraSharp, according to Dell, has the finest visual quality in its category. This webcam may be used on Windows 10 and macOS computers without the need for drivers, but many of its functions are only available through Dell’s Peripheral Manager program. The AI auto-framing option, which follows your movements to keep you centered in the frame, is one of the more intriguing features that the software unlocks.

During a live test provided to The Verge, the webcam did not appear to move, but the video feed looked to pan and provide flawless, continuous motion tracking. (The GIF below is a good representation of what I’m talking about.) A similar function has just surfaced in Amazon’s new Echo Show smart displays and the new iPad Pro, and it’s a feature that currently distinguishes Dell’s webcam from the competition.

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