The New Magic Eraser Feature for Pixel 6

Welcome bloomer’s again here, In this fresh news “I will talk about the New Magic Eraser Feature for Pixel 6”. Google Pixel 6 is about to launch on the 19th of October, with its two versions Pixel 6 and Pixel Pro claiming a slight big change in designing its upcoming phones.

Apart from these upcoming launching dates, it is definitely confirmed that it is coming with 5 years of security updates which will surely help you out on bad custom days. Google Pixel 6 attractive part apart from the other specs like cameras, RAM, ROM, and the display are “Tensor Chip” which is built for focusing on AI and Machine Learning.

You can understand as simple as that like when you take a photo of a baby, the tensor processing unit will make it blur and make the child’s face sharper. The TPU will make the unclear image as a face and then make mandatory arrangements of the shot pic.

From the source came to know that Google Pixel 6 is about to come up with a “New Magic Eraser Feature” and also five years of Android security updates.

What is a new magic feature?

Now thinking about what is “ what is a new magic feature ” then it helps you to remove distractions from your picture with just a few taps says “The Verge”.  You can also remove unwanted objects, people, parts that hinder your picture with bad stuff in Google photos by clicking on that area.

But you are one of those who want an alternative for this feature introduced by Google for its pixels then you should go with Photoshop Fix and TouchReTouch. They can also be used for removing unwanted objects from your photos simply. You should also check snapseed for this purpose.

When will the launch Google Pixel 6 and PRO?

You will get more specs & information on Pixel 6 when it will be launched on the 19th of October.

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