The New logo of Chrome is here with bold look

Welcome bloomers again here, The New logo of Chrome is looking extensive. After 2014, Chrome has changed its logo for the first time and you may look at it as nothing has changed but if you focus hardly then you will see the difference between its old and new one. The creator of Google chrome “Elvin Hu” looked on Twitter in a thread for changing the logo of Chrome and also thought for a small change in the logo.

The Chrome canary update has a new icon and they are updating Chrome’s icon after 8 years. The changes in icons will be soon available on our devices says Elvin.

How do New icon colors look?

You can see shadows on the borders between each color, red, yellow, and green. The blue circle in the mid seems bigger and dark. The colors on the current logo seem vibrant and the team worked for removing shadows. Google team placed certain shades of green and red parallel, making colors vibration. It doesn’t make colors of icons bold and accessible, after it they used light subtle gradients so that color vibration can’t take place.

The main logo of Chrome will not look the same on all platforms like when you click on the Taskbar to access chrome won’t look the same in the favicon and task icon. The logo will look more colorful on ChromeOS whereas a small shadow appear on macOS. Windows 10 and 11 have a more gradient look so that they can fit and are clearly visible on other windows icons.

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Hu says you will start seeing a new icon on Chrome Canary Update (the developer version of Chrome).

You will also see new icons for beta and developer versions of chrome. Hu tells, the designing team experimented with a white line that gives the border between each color. It looked smaller overall and made it not visible also not able to differentiate between other Google apps.

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At the last, Chrome’s logo has become simpler to look at. Now tell ‘How does the new logo of Chrome-look?’

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