TCL 20 PRO 5G REVIEW: Good logs don’t look like anything.

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The TCL 20 Pro 5G is a budget telephone which irons out the first-gene bugs we have seen in the 10 Pro but is not ready for the heavyweight category.

Similar to its predecessor, the 20 Pro 5G blends a high-end appearance with a budget price tag – 499 dollars for 6 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage. It is $50 higher than the beginning pricing of the 10 Pro, but you get additional storage this time as well as 5G.

Again you have to say: this is a pretty good-looking phone for only $500. Its enormous curved-edge display has very small bezels and the quality of the construction is superior with an aluminum frame and glass on both front and back. The rear cameras are situated well under a vertical strip, flush with the back panel. It’s clever, and kind of cool retro.

Good appearance aside, for most folks, I don’t suggest 20 Pro 5G. Some usage problems make it feel like the second-gene device it is. More importantly, the network compatibility and security support policies of the 20 Pro 5G are not as robust as the phones in the category from the Pixels and Galaxy A- series. Two OS upgrades (excellent for a midrange phone) are planned but just two years of security patches (less good).

It is also not compatible with the 5G network of AT&T and is not certified as using C-band frequencies that will likely enhance Verizon and AT&T 5G networks in the next several years. It is another smartphone that could be excellent for T-Mobile customers who have complete 4G and 5G access without having to worry about C-band. There is a lot to appreciate about the 20 Pro 5G, and with this device, TCL has taken some strides in the right way, but the result is still short.

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