Spotify launched rating system for podcasts

If you want to rate your favorite episode on Spotify then what you would as there’s no rating system but wait Spotify planned to launch a star rating system very soon, told Spotify today.

It is going to launch a 5-star rating system for podcasts which will help both listeners and podcasters.

Podcast listeners will be able to give a rating of the episode just after 30 seconds, the average rating of the episode will be shown on the top of the episode landing page only when 10 listeners rated the podcast.

Star rating system will help listeners the quality of podcast uploaded and is adding some value to people or not but also they will save a lot of time when moving to the new valuable podcast.

If the rating is good enough then lots of listeners will attract to it and will enjoy episode 4.

So it’s become mandatory for the podcasters to tell their audience for leaving their rating after the session.

You can listen to the latest episodes of The Bloom Talks-A Tech Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, and many such platforms. Also, bloomer’s don’t forget to leave your rating when the rating is available on Spotify soon.

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