Spiders are consuming snakes all across the world, according to scientists

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Snakes and spiders rank near the top of the list of human fears of animals. Perhaps snakes should be afraid of spiders, according to a recent meta-analysis research. It appears that arachnids all around the world enjoy eating reptiles.

Spiders (Arachnida: Araneae) Feeding on Snakes is the title of a research published in The Journal of Arachnology (Reptilia: Squamata). The researchers examined 319 accounts of spiders eating snakes from all continents except Antarctica. The majority of the events took place in the United States and Australia.
Spiders from 11 different families have been spotted devouring snakes, according to the research. In a Monday news release from Switzerland’s University of Basel, main author and arachnologist Martin Nyffeler remarked, “That so many diverse groups of spiders sometimes consume snakes is a completely fresh observation.” We’ll have to store this discovery with praying mantises devouring hummingbird brains in our Surprising Insect Dining Habits file.

Theridiidae spiders, which are prevalent in the United States, were particularly good at trapping and consuming snakes, which could be due to the spiders’ deadly venom and robust webs. Many of the spiders that trap snakes contain venom that can be harmful to humans.

The captive snakes were a feast for the spiders, who would sometimes spend days devouring their prey.

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