Shoot professional video selfies with Facetune

-Do, You want to shoot professional video selfies with the Facetune app?

welcome, bloomer’s again here, Today I am going to tell you how you can shoot your videos more attractive with Facetune app which recently got some more features to shoot your video selfie better for your social media platforms. Let’s bloom together more about “Shoot pro video selfies with Facetune”:-

Shoot pro video selfies with Facetune

Brother, you will be familiar with facetune which has specs to improve your shooted selfies more attractive with filters, touch up selfies, etc. Recently facetune developer made new changes and a new feature that enables you now to shoot video selfies for social media platforms. Now you will access touch up your video selfies with existing features like changing the brightness, smoothing your skin, whitening your skin, and adjust your face, nose, lips, jaw too big or small. You can also be whitening your teeth, it looks dark whether you should brush your teeth for natural whitening. To access all these video editing features first you have to click on the camera roll, then it will start looping to edit and see changes in your videos in real-time. All these upgraded features in the facetune app are updated app is in  Facetune2 in android by the developer Lightricks Ltd.
Facetune is just like the one-hand editing video app, in just seconds you can retouch your videos before sharing or adding your story to your friends. and tones of options to make your videos attractive and unleash the creativity of your cute video selfies with this app.
I have given a link of video selfies edited in Pinterest so that you can feel and take a look at it.
For iOS App link:- Facetune
It’s a free app but there are some more advanced features but they are paid or you can say take a subscription. Subscription is like for one month it costs around $7.99, for a year it costs $35.99, and at last a full lifetime subscription fee is $69.99. Now you can edit your videos on your iPhone also by downloading from the app store, earlier this app was not available in iOS.
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