See this new LED matrix facemask now

Welcome bloomer’s again here, Today I will tell you a facemask which is much better than your recent mask now. See this new LED matrix facemask now, yes brother it has LED lights that make you cooler from others. Let’s bloom more about our topic “See this new LED matrix facemask now” together:-

See this new LED matrix facemask now

During this pandemic, We all are using certain facemasks which protect from viruses, all you need to know about this brother right, some of you get bored while using this but from now onwards, I am telling you a new facemask which makes your wearing mask fun and attractive. This design or you can say the concept of this idea was introduced by a famous designer called Chelsea Klukas of Lumen couture. And you can buy this LED facemask but before knowing the marvelous features here:-

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1) It’s a LED facemask which I told you above but it is more than that because as it has an LED Flex panel so you can directly connect it with your phone and boom you can create your own designs which you want to display in you mask in the app, suppose you have to display a quote on your mask-like “keep distance ” then you just have to type and designs or you want to show “It’s rainy ” just, for example, then you can easily go.
2) It has important components like chargeable battery, a removable display which I told above advantages, as these are just made removable to ensure that you can wash it, claimed by the company.
3) All components are well attached to mask or easily removable when required, it also comes with a charger to charge your battery including with mask and also an app in which you can unleash your thoughts and can get attractive and safe while you are on the go.
4) The fabric used here is eco-friendly and is suitable for your face which is made of dual-layer cotton and mesh material. The mandatory concept of this mask is to make communicate without getting-off your mask from face and people could understand what you want to say to them.
5) you can use our phone’s microphone to make your equalizer effects by just adding your favorite soundtrack or music, I think you will choose a pubg theme song, if not sorry, now you have to choose your own.
Now, I want to tell more about the innovator of this mask and at the last, I will give you the link to buy it from that website.
LED matrix facemask is designed by fashion-tech designers popularly called “Chelsea Klukas” who is the co-founder of the internationally acclaimed fashion technology organization “Make fashion”.
You can buy it right now, as it is on the best deal at the price of just $95. You can purchase merchandise with And there you will see many fabulous fashion design clothes and technology wearable merchandise.
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