Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 2 Just Got a Better Look Thanks to New Leaks

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It’s been over two years since Samsung debuted the first Galaxy Buds, so it’s time for a new version. We may have just gotten the best look at Samsung’s forthcoming wireless earbuds yet, according to a slew of new leaks.

The Galaxy Buds2 appear to have gotten a whole overhaul, according to a series of leaked press renders provided on Twitter by Evan Blass. They now look and perform more like Samsung’s premium Galaxy Buds Pro.

The original Galaxy Buds’ small fin-shaped wings have vanished, and we’re now looking at a pair of earbuds with no identifying exterior features other than a couple of small holes, most likely for microphones.

On the interior, the Galaxy Buds2 includes a standard set of ear tips and contacts for receiving power from the wireless charging case, which is nearly identical to the charging case seen on the Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Buds Pro.

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