Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is on pre-order from 1st of September

Are you ready to pre-order this phone?

Welcome bloomer’s again here, Today I am going to tell you about Samsung Galaxy Z Fold is on pre-order from 1st of September. Let’s bloom more about this:-
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is on pre-order from 1st of September
Image credit:- Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is on pre-order from 1st of September

A piece of news comes for the pre-order of Samsung galaxy Z Fold 2 on the UK website from the 1st of September and can be delivered on the 17th of September. Early on the 5th of august Samsung didn’t reveal for the launching date or price and saying only to share as much as you can about this phone. Now if you go through the Samsung website of the UK, will see this phone is on pre-orders for the customers with the price of $2130 and you can get it by the 17th of September said company. You might see the price is got reduced from previous foldable phones of Samsung with the difference of around $120, I don’t know it may be due to lockdown. We can’t say about the launching and price of Z fold 2 but can be expected at around $2300. You know you can pre-order this phone now also, the pre-order tab is showing on the website. 
There could be done some advancements on these foldable phones like should be placed harder screen than plastic screen for extra durability as the screen size is but higher for extra performance. Overall the concept of this phone awesome due to smart and extra features built-in it for better performance. You can preorder this phone by clicking on this link given below.
Pre-order link:- Samsung galaxy Z Fold
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