“PROSIT” New mental health checker app for android

Welcome bloomers again here, Today I am going to tell you about the new CONCEPT introduced ‘mental health checker’ in phones. This mental health checker can check all your health-related activities by using your current status on the phone, Let’s bloom more about this app:-

“PROSIT” New mental health checker app for android


In simple words “PROSIT” app uses your current status to find your mental health condition accurately, Actually, after you sign up here, you are allowed to check your phone optimal state by just clicking in the allow feature. This app uses your phone’s status like how you are using, having a minimum distance between your phone’s display and your eye or not, how much time you are devoting while checking your data on your phone, how the phone has been heated, which website you go for getting results of your question, you know what I mean right!!, it has many features which I can’t tell more which is more than I can tell you brother, your typing speed and how you press the keyboard of your phone like with high and low pressure by the way from this technique this can check your currently emotions like whether you are angered, cool, a sad state just for instance.
This app asks to upload you a 90-second video clip which must have include an enjoyable part of your this week brother, like you have an achieved your small goal then just make a video on it, and send it your app data, from which it will decide how to treat you next, amazing brother right.

Now are you thinking is my data safe with this app as I told above it access all your searching history, forms you fill online, then I say yes brother as scientists of this app concerned we are aware for any privacy-related factor and user’s data is stored in a secure place.

It is very helpful for psychologists to detect easily patients health and it will also reduce the time for per person treatment.
Researchers at Dalhousie University developed this app with the help of CBC and Gizmodo. They developed this app for tracking how the youth of the country are healthy and how they can get healthy.

PROSIT is an app take data from how much you call, sends messages, Hours of busy on a call with a friend and to your closed one, By analyzing all your these data results from a better health record on this app and if remarks moderate then you can also improve your stats by improving your activities like give bit time in the phone and don’t get too busy while talking, typing, scrolling your friends, families, and relatives photos, videos, messages, should be too minimized as it reduces your attention span low if you are a student also results in less memory power.

PROSIT is such a great app for enhancing the seriousness about taking care of health especially in youths, the mid-30s-40s, and older ones to keep their health on track.

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