OnePlus will blend the ColorOS with the mobile operating system

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OnePlus is one of the fastest businesses to emerge as a major technical competition against Apple and Samsung, the dominants of the smartphone market. The corporation has selected all the correct boxes to standardise its position in the market while establishing strong loyalty to the brand. The company recently announced its partnership with Oppo, a Smartphone industry competitor and has since become its subsidiary brand, the distinctiveness which the company has established for itself is done and stamped out.

Having said that, both companies were under integration and leveraged each other’s resources behind the scenes. In the middle of this progress, OnePlus just revealed that it is combining OxygenOS with Oppo’s ColorOS, its mobile operating system. Discussions on the use of each other’s resources include the mobile operating system itself, and the companies are trying to standardise software user experiences across their entire portfolio. OxygenOS is stockpiled on Android, unlike ColorOS, so at least it should change the OnePlus user experience. According to a 9to5Google storey, OnePlus smartphones produced in China use Oppo’s ColorOS and will likely stay the case with all the new OnePlus handsets. However, consumers running OxygenOS on their OnePlus devices will still be updated regularly with a new integration via OTA-updates,
In any case, when the merger was announced, Oppo declared the parent business will remain an independent company for so long. This partnership is, however, a purposeful move to combine resources and better simplify operations to give the best experience for users while considerably enhancing their common market value.


One Plus founder Carl Pei seems to have learnt about this new technique before the industry analysts and was not part of the Oppo brand. Carl Pei is well-known as an entrepreneur who has developed OnePlus’ reputation from the ground alone and has increased its market reputation in one of the leading smartphone businesses, competing directly with Apple’s iPhones and Samsung’s smartphones. Last year the founder left the company and set up his own company Nothing.

OnePlus and Oppo have got a pretty good job making smartphones and have their reputation and customer loyalty back to where it was when OnePlus was an independent smartphone brand in the eyes of the world’s most popular smartphone industry experts.

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