Old Google Drive and YouTube links will be broken as a result of Google’s security updates.

Welcome bloomer’s again here, Let’s talk about ” Old Google Drive and YouTube links will be broken as a result of Google’s security updates.

Public links to an incalculable number of Google Drive and YouTube items will soon stop operating. Google is changing the way it handles link sharing on both platforms in the name of improved security, and while current users may be able to opt out of the change, files and movies left on unused or defunct accounts may just disappear forever.

Because shared links are now part of a newer system, Google claims that it improves security. The revised YouTube connections appear to be more difficult to guess or access without being explicitly granted access. The newer connections also tie more activity to specific accounts and require visitors to log in, allowing access to be tracked and added to each user’s profile.

Any videos that are public but marked as “Unlisted” on YouTube will be affected by the changes. Starting on July 23rd, any Unlisted videos uploaded previously to 2017 will have their status changed to Private, as stated in a blog post and a five-minute video. Because of the way Private movies work now, any old links or embeds will be removed, and sharing will be limited to a maximum of 50 people, all of whom will require a Google account to access it.

People who want to maintain sharing their old Unlisted movies with public links, embeds, and comments can do so by filling out this form on a per-account basis for the next month. Reuploading those films and marking them as Unlisted is the only other option.

The similar update is coming to Google Drive, as reported on the Workspace Updates blog earlier today. When you click a link to view cloud-stored data, you’ll see a resource key that specifies who has access and who doesn’t. If you’ve already accessed a file (probably when logged in to your Google account), you’ll be able to do so again, and if you have “direct access,” you’ll be able to do so as well.

If this isn’t the case, you’ll have to request access to the file or folder. If you use Drive and have a personal Google/Gmail account, you’ll receive an email on July 26th alerting you to any files that will be affected by the change. You’ll be able to opt-out of the “security upgrade” if your account contains links that may be affected if you do so before September 13th, 2021.

It’s a little more tricky if you use a Google Workspace account that’s administered by your work, school, or other groups. The administrator/IT department has the option of opting out completely, applying the update to everyone with no way to opt-out, or applying the update and allowing individual users to delete it from specific files.

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