New headphones by “SONY” only at $128

Welcome bloomer’s again here, Today I am going to tell you about the New headphones by “SONY” only at $128 and you can buy it right now but before knowing the details and specs of New headphones by “SONY” only at $128. Let’s bloom together for more information about it:-

New headphones by “SONY” only at $128

sony has launched its beast headphone at $128, and you can buy from amazon but beroe buying listen to these specifications and features of SONY WH-CH710N model brother.
1) It has noise cancellation, when you listen to your music and noise is coming even at high volume which you shouldn’t have as it may damage your hearing then you can easily on your headphones noise cancellation but to reduce your background noise and listen to your song. This feature at this price is amazing because many of the students now are studying from online at their home and if one has a personal room then not recommended and one living within a family at the minimum area and the noise of brother, sister is disturbing you, then on the noise cancellation switch and just focus on your lectures. Even if you are vlogger or traveler then go for it to buy because it also provides noise cancellation features when you are not listening to any song, now you can easily have fun with your journey and making videos of it.
Also enables an AI noise cancellation feature which makes premium at this price level.
2) Weight is approx 223grams makes it easier to carry and use as the neckband, literally, it doesn’t feel any awkward because you feel like you have not worn anything at your neck and you are easily making your work easier for you.
3) It comes with the volume control button, enables you to increase or decrease volume and bass of your music at time brother, well you are also able to do it with your phone.
4) It comes with its cord or you can say wire length of 1.2meter so that after losing battery you can’t stop your music now, it’s incredible for me as I am student, some while after long usage my old Bluetooth headphone’s battery get finished and have to wait until I charged for 1 hour, but from now I will not have to suffer from this problem as I am going to buy it now.
5)  Having a plugin your headphone is such a big talk, boom it has an L-shaped stereo mini-plug which is a headphone cable.
6) You can listen to music or can watch your latest movie on your Netflix by connecting it with Bluetooth or wire you have with this.
7) Also, have the NFC feature.
8)  Acc. to sony it has long-lasting battery life, you are accessible to go it with 35 hours of battery which is amazing for crazy about music. You can charge up it with the USB cable, which means it has a USB type port.
9) Bluetooth version is 5.0 haha amazing for you like it with you can travel some meters approx (10m or 30feet )while listening to music and somehow forgotten your phone in your bed and finding everywhere. I liked the advanced Bluetooth version installed in it.
10) 2.4 GHz band is installed in it which varies up to (2.4000 GHz – 2.4835 GHz), actually this is the frequency range of it (where you know what is frequency range) if No, then comment me and I will reply soon or simply google now and listen also my talk when you come back here, as brother some more features are left to tell you.
New headphones by "SONY" only at $128
Photo by SONY
It has 2 color options black and light blue may I am not confirmed about blue color dark or light, but whether the colors are best for the season now.
You get connection cable, USB cable, and right guessed this beast SONY headphone.
AT the last I wanna say you should buy if needed because I think it is best at this price perspective brother, and forgot one thing to tell you about the bass, the bass is amazing with clear and sensible sound quality and also brother you can charge just it for 10 minutes only as it gives 1-hour backup. Recommended only if you have to go urgently outside and come into half an hour.
You can buy it from amazon or from sony’s official website at the price of $128 in India buy it @ the price of 14,990 INR , and also wanna say there are pretty more options available at some bit high price.
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