Microsoft surface 3 is too advanced for your big projects

Welcome bloomer’s again here, Today I am going to tell you the best Microsoft surface 3 is too advanced, features of this laptop, I am giving you my honest experience with this laptop, So, let’s bloom together Microsoft surface 3 is too advanced:-

Microsoft Surface 3 is too advanced

It has been up to 2 weeks of usage of this laptop, using moderately as every new buyer does with it or with their things. Firstly let me tell me you about the advanced features of this laptop and definitely, you will be attracted to this brother and will be going to buy it.


1) the design of this surface pro is elegant, bezel at the corners, and have a clean edge. With these, you can easily carry it to your desired place and make it comfortable acc. to your surrounding conditions because it is a very thin and light brother than your imagination.


2) From previous versions, it comes with a faster processor, and also one thing I felt the performance has been increased, which makes my video editing faster even smoother also.


3) I can connect it with any display docking stations and other displays through USB-C and USB-A ports and boom my project is now become more attractive to display others on a widescreen.


4) I faced low battery problem in my previous laptop while I do making notes and editing my videos but with this, I worked more than 10 HRS in stand by a charge which is also claimed by Microsoft that you can work in it with battery stand by 11.5 HRS, that seems amazing brother.


5) It comes in two variants one is 4GB RAM with 128GB of storage you can expand it by external storage and the second one is 8GB of RAM with 256GB of storage which I have and I suggest you buy the second one is an interested brother.


6) Colors option are there so that you can get it to your favorite choice and what’s your’s comment down, let me elaborate the four colors of this surface 3 

a) New sandstone

b) Plus matte black

c) Cobalt Blue

d) Platinum

6) You can choose also your display size as it comes in two variants a 13.5-inch display and second is a 15-inch screen. I have 15 inches and what’s about you, see as it different variations then definitely will have a difference in price which I will give you at the last about the price.


7) You have two options to choose the processors one is intel i5 and i7 processor with 10th generation.


8) It has storage variations also (1TB, 512 GB, 256 GB, and 128GB) SSD all have different prices, now thinking about the graphics then listen to this.


9) Surface Pro 3 has a graphic card that has become mandatory in this generation. Graphic card is 13.5 Intel iris plus graphics 15 with Radeon RX Vega 11 Graphics.


10) You will see windows 10 here and various windows model as peruse for business apar windows will come with a business account where you can manage your business diligently brother.

an overview is acc. to me this fulfills my needs at this price and I am very satisfied with it. The best thing you can see is the design which I attracted mostly and then the specs.

It is now on sale at Amazon with a deal of $1,250 and you will save more than hundreds and invest in other works.

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