LG manufactured electronic facemask which comes with 3 fans

 What kind of mask currently you have?

Welcome bloomer’s again here, Today I am going to tell you about LG manufactured electronic facemask which comes with 3 fans. Let’s bloom more about this:-

LG manufactured electronic facemask which comes with 3 fans

In this year of the pandemic, it became mandatory the type of mask which you wear along with you to protect from the virus. To ensure more in health premises many such companies like LG and others are emphasizing in facemask to secure more people from the virus with the best facemask reliable for it.
For this LG has designed a facemask that is different from any other masks and secures us 99% from the virus while you are on the go. This facemask has a Puricare wearable purifier that has a pair of three-powerful fans and a pair of HEPA-style filters that work to clean and purify the air through these and that purified air is reached to your lungs.
You just have to breathe normally because it has an inbuilt “respiratory sensor” which calculates the speeding breath of yours. You can also control the speed of a fan and literally you will feel nothing has worn on your face and can be worn for many hours during the work. It comes with an 820mAh battery that can run up to 8 hrs in just a single charge. The mask has storage case filled charging which works when you are not using or you are recharging it, then this case purifies the facemask with ultraviolet LED lights. All components of this mask are replaceable from tit to tat like filters, batteries, fans, etc. but the company has not disclosed the price for replacement of the components.
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