Lenovo Legion 5 Pro Review: You can’t beat pricing.

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Let’s talk about “Lenovo Legion 5 Pro Review: You can’t beat pricing. 

The Lenovo concept, the firm behind the ThinkPad making a mentionable gaming machine, seems unusual, yet that is the Legion 5 Pro. The one I’m assessing costs $1,530 and is made of AMD’s 7 5800H Ryzen processor and GeForce RTX 3070 graphics from NVIDIA. Powerful and economical? This is almost revolutionary.

RAM 16GB and 512GB SSD complete the specs. Fortunately, the user can upgrade both components. Before you reach an external disc, the small drive has just a few Calls of Duty games. These are the clever bargain models designed by Lenovo to keep the price low and you can add more RAM and storage if necessary.

It’s lots of fun to see 4K footage, and I’ve enjoyed working on it for about the last week. It certainly makes you want to look at gigapixel pictures, say, of Paris hours after hours, something I didn’t do much this week (cough). It’s okay if you buy it as a desktop replacement and spend 90 percent of your time on the same desk.

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