iPhone 12 mini with Rs 8000 Flipkart discount, are you supposed to buy it?

iPhone 12 mini with Rs 8000 Flipkart discount, are you supposed to buy it?

If you plan on switching from Android to iOS, now could be the right time as Flipkart offers a superb 12 tiny iPhone. Apple’s tiny marvel, the 12 mini iPhone, is the smallest phone in the 2012 iPhone 12 series.

It is also the cheapest in the lot and the Flipkart deal provides an instant Rs 8000 savings on the original price, together with an exchange offer to pay you up to Rs 15,000 for your previous phone. Does that sound like a wonderful deal? Let us explain in full the deal to you.

Apple Days sales went live to Flipkart and Rs 2000’s flat e-commerce site offers a 12 tiny iPhone discount. In addition, HDFC account holders can receive an immediate discount of Rs 6000. Therefore if you have an HDFC credit and debit card, Flipkart offers a Rs 6000 instant discount in addition to the Rs 2000 discount.

The price of the iPhone would drop to Rs 61,900 for 12 mini. You can trade-in your old iPhone or Android phone and get up to Rs 15000 for your old telephone if you want it cheaper than the Rs 61,000. The discount applies to all iPhone 12 small storage models. The iPhone 12 mini128GB for Rs 66,900 and iPhone 12 mini 256GB for Rs 76,900 can also be used for the same deals and discounts.

The major question now is- Should you buy the phone? Well, if you’re an iPhone buyer for the first time who is seeking a phone that fits into your pocket and palm, you could think of this little wonder. However, the size of the 12 tiny iPhones with a 5.4-inch display may be too little given that we live in an era of smartphones with enormous displays.

Small screen size may be nice to carry, but if you watch web series or movies on your cellphones it may not be convenient or at least pleasant. Also, the phone could seem a little insufficient while playing games. This is where the iPhone 11 with a much larger screen and less pricing looks like a wonderful way to shell off a lot of money.

However, if you want a phone with a small screen strictly, there is no reason why the iPhone 12 mini should not be considered.

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