Instagram works on a premium membership feature for Stories

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Instagram stated that it is working on a new “Exclusive Stories” feature. Since June 21st, photographs of the Stories branch have been distributed online, when software developer Alessandro Paluzzi on Twitter reported that references to the feature were found in the coding of Instagram. The business informed TechCrunch on Wednesday that the screenshots depict an internal prototype behind the scenes. Unfortunately, Instagram did not disclose more specifics regarding the initiative.

But what we can collect from screenshots is that Instagram takes a paid Super Follow membership from Twitter. When regular users come across an Exclusive Story, Instagram tells them that “only members” will be able to view material. The corporation also appears to prohibit customers from shooting what they observe. It will also encourage artists to save their Exclusive Stories to a highlight so that new members may view their subscriptions.

As with any insight given that someone finds early allusions to a new feature, Instagram can never share the Paluzzi feature found. But the graphics plainly demonstrate how the firm can encourage creators to stay on the platform. If this means that one of its rivals adapts a feature, be it. This has been done many times in the past by Facebook and Instagram.

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