Improve your type speed and precision with this $50 gadget.

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Let’s talk about “Improve your type speed and precision with this $50 gadget.

Whether you are a writer, a blogger or someone who often writes for work, a tool that may boost your typing speed accurately is a wonderful find. Once you hit your speed limit, you are more prone to commit grammatical errors and typos that ultimately take more time to edit. But it doesn’t imply that you have to tone down the pace, especially if you are rushed for time.

The software Lightkey Pro Text Prediction learns and optimises your typing pattern by proposing words and errors to save you time when writing. A lifetime subscription is being sold at $50, or 70% discount.

Lightkey learns how to type and progressively anticipates up to 12 words, including punching, so that you may write four times quicker without sacrificing consistency. This software for grammar and text spelling in real time incorporates hundreds of rules and makes predictions. Lightkey draws more than 60 integrated content areas, including technology, business, law and academia, to provide predictions.

This software is easy to use and uses numerous popular word writing applications and programmes such as Microsoft Office and Google Chrome applications. It is more successful and precise than Word or Google Docs in blog and academic text prediction. The profound learning context analysis capabilities of Lightkey will provide you with relevant terms that take account of your writing and support over 80 languages.

Lightkey is even supported by extensive typists that are visually focused on the keyboard while writing. Although your text is analysed, Lightkey never transmits your content to the cloud and can run entirely offline.

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