How to watch Xbox and Bethesda E3

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The Xbox team will be on stage with Bethesda for a 90-minute, 90-minute E3 2021 game demo, apparently showing the popular games on Xbox that holiday. The season game is about to launch Xbox Game Pass, as do several other announcements. Microsoft called the event “the most important moment of 2021,”.

So Xbox fans should not miss it. Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter page. It can also be used in other forms around the world. According to Microsoft, “it will be broadcast on global channels at the same time, including Bilibili in China, Jeuxvideo in France and Russia in the UK, Samsung TV+, Xumo, PlutoTV and Vizio and other OTT platforms, as well as regional Xbox pages on Facebook.” And show.

It will be streamed at 1080p at 60fps, but Microsoft said it will download a 4K video at 60fps. The YouTube channel Xbox still relies on electricity.

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