How to post live photos on Instagram in 3 steps?

Welcome bloomer’s again here, How to post live photos on Instagram in 3 steps?

I was wondering with a problem, how to share live photos on Instagram then I searched for it all around and got this trick.

The iPhone camera’s “Live Photos” feature is attracting all of the android users to have the same functionality in their phones. Live photos are best to share in your social media accounts that blow your follower’s minds. But came to know that you can’t share live photos on Instagram, That’s why you are here.

Let’s know first how Apple’s Live Photo feature works?

Apple’s Live photo records what has happened before 1.5s and after 1.5s when taken a picture. You do this as simply as you take a normal photo. For doing this, You must have checked your live photo option on/off, then in the camera’s app see at the top of the right screen and then make sure the Live Photos icon does not have a line from it. If the icon has the line then click on it, it will be removed and you are ready to use.

Now let’s talk about How to share Live Photos on Instagram on Android Phones?

Open the App, Post the image as “Boomerang”, it takes a burst of photos and sticks them together, and makes a high-quality 1s video that plays forward and backward. Boomerang uses that only photo for Live Photos.

Now post Live Photo as a boomerang, by swiping left in the app to capture the live screen. Make sure you are on adding the story section which is at the bottom or can find at the camera icon and tap on the infinity icon to create a boomerang.

Now on the boomerang creation section, click on the camera icon at the bottom left side of your screen, now select your favorite photo to make it live for your story.

You will see different options while creating a boomerang-like creating a classic or a slow-mo, echo, or duo version of the boomerangs. Both these features have different specs like slow-mo makes your image half of its real speed and the echo option adds a blur effect. Duo speeds up your video with glitch effect.

Now it’s your turn to test and experience the effects with photos.

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