Hayabusa Keyboard has weird specs at $119

Have you ever used the Hayabusa keyboard? If not then a friend of mine bought it for me and told me to tell you about this amazing Hayabusa 60% Mechanical Keyboard which is no doubt insane for such heavy PC users.

Why go for Hayabusa Keyboard?

Look at your present keyboard on your table, Does it feel you upgraded to a beast one? Let’s check out Hayabusa Mechanical keyboard. As the name hints to you Hayabusa is a super-fast bike then does this keyboard super fast in terms of specs. Hold my hand and be with me until you get it free.

The looks are awesome, and the design, touch, smoothness of keys and overall experience are too good. When you touch the keys it feels like you are pressing a marshmallow, keys response time is just like your eyelids. The ergonomics and design are similar to these price segment mechanical keyboards but what makes them different from others! It is the caps.

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Key Caps are another attractive part of it that can’t be ignored when a gamer or creative user thinks to make the deal at Alpherior keys where you will not only find mechanical keyboards similar to it but also KeyCaps, Mouse Pads, Celestial Mouse, etc. Now let’s talk about some technical aspects which you are most interested in.

When to use you can use it in 2 ways wireless and wired. It gives you dual mode wired and Bluetooth. It’s up to you how you want to use it. Cotton candies keycap sets are just one way away in terms of softness.

Along with it, you get a full Hotswap PCB (in which you can easily swap the switches rather than buying a new keyboard). The RGB lighting on the switches looks too good and also becomes an attractive part to your fast friends. The RGB lighting glows with the color of keyCaps. More Over you can also customize the keyboard’s lighting according to your room and PC’s background lighting.

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The speed switches installed are of Kailh which gives you a faster experience while playing. But customizable lighting is lacking that is not available because of no availability of full keyboard software, Macros, and Program ability.

You can easily pull and switch your keycap with the given keycap puller and switcher.

Why you should go for it?

Alpherior Keys are known for innovative mechanical gaming keyboards built with the best line speed switches that boost your gaming experience with comfort, quality, and gameplay. You can also make it yours by just adding your PC to an eye-catching. Just get Hayabusa 60% Keyboard- Cotton Candy now at $119.99.

Now tell me, Are you going to buy it or not? Or Are you happy with your old stuff?

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