Google says now your Android phones can detect earthquake waves

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Welcome bloomer’s again here, Today I am going tell you about Google says now your Android phones can detect earthquake waves. Let’s bloom together more about it:-

Google says now your Android phones can detect earthquake waves

Until now earthquake is considered to e a major natural disaster deployed many lives, places, buildings, etc. To tackle this situation seismograph is made earlier which can detect earthquake waves at someplace, however, this technique is not much useful for today’s generation as yet accidents are happening but we could save if the earthquake is notified too earlier so as a couple of seconds saves our lives and can get into a safe place. Regarding this Google has taken a step saying now our Android phones can detect earthquake waves, with this new built-in android feature can turn your phone into a network of the shockwave-detecting devices.
Google says now your Android phones can detect earthquake waves
Photo by Kai Wenzel on Unsplash
According to Google principal software engineer of Android “Marc Stogaitis”, this feature can detect earthquakes happening and send this notification to everyone people in that particular area in just seconds. This feature is introducing in the operating system for android.
It actually takes data from around 700 seismometers to detect earthquake is taking place and sends this data to google server and then to the people in that mishappening area. Although it is too costly to install such networks all over the world articulated impacted areas, so to overcome this costly idea Stogaitis generally turned our android phones into mini seismometer, by connecting millions of devices to set up a server for largest earthquake detection network. 
Google is using here your pre-installed accelerometer in the device, as the accelerometer is much sensitive to detect p-wave, which is the first wave that is the first wave which comes from the earthquake and is less damaging than s-wave after p-wave, supposes if your device senses something then it will send this sensor data to google server then this data to all the phones in that particular area,.
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