Google Pixel 6 declining calls without user permission

Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are the best phones launched ever than their predecessors but somehow a bug entered and ruined the user’s feeling with their so-called Pixel 6 Pro in this manner.

Google Pixel 6 Pro is declining incoming calls without users’ permission. This Pixel 6 Pro bug is doing it consistently came to know 2 days ago from a Reddit post. Many Pixel 6 Pro users claim that their Pixel 6 Pro is declining calls from saved contacts on the phone. When an incoming call happens then the bug refuses some calls, as it happens to randomly like for some and some not.

Some Pixel 6 Pro users say they have experienced it several times since last week. However, the declined calls are shown on the phone’s call log. To tackle this problem a user turned off the spam protection feature that basically blocks unwanted calls, WiFi calling, DND and all shit may be doing it. After resetting his network settings received as always full signal.

It can also happen by moving calls directly to voicemail but this feature was turned off on his phone, yet declining calls have not stopped!

Whereas a user reported that his calls were going straight to voicemail without ringing. It happened to him several times last week even though they are not spammed calls.

The cause for this issue is due to a software bug and Google will fix it with a software update very soon.

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