Google can cook up its own version of Apple’s powerful ‘Find My’ Android network

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With Apple’s AirTags release, we have all seen how strong and helpful the Locate My network of the firm can be to find out of place or lost things in the world around us. Google also seems to have taken note of this and looks to be preparing its own network version for Android devices.

XDA Developers have just downloaded Google Play Services’ newest beta version and have discovered references to a potential “Find My Device” network in Google. It is not apparent if this is a viable network name and the term “network title” in the code is mentioned. A supposed description of the Find My Device network was also discovered by XDA Developers.

As the publication has pointed out, Google is the only other business that could develop a network for monitoring devices as big as the network of Apple Find My. Apple claims close to 1 billion Apple devices are linked to Find My. When one of those billion gadgets is close to an AirTag, AirTags, Find My, anonymously and privately transmits the location to the AirTag’s owner.
Now, if Google wishes to create a comparable network, XDA Developers can use the Google Play Services app on almost any Android device. Google Play Services is used in the Google Play store for updating Google applications and apps. Google also claims that the app offers features including authentication, synced contacts, access to the newest privacy settings for users, and higher-quality localization-based services.

That’s not to suggest Google already doesn’t give consumers a method to locate their misplaced gadgets. The app has a Google Find My Device app in the Play Store, however, only phones, tablets, or watches registered into your Google Account may be found in this application. According to XDA developers, when Google really creates its own Find My Device network, Android users will likely be able to assist other users to find their devices, as Apple’s Find My network does today.

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