Facebook is going to launch a new era of AR-Enabled smart glasses by 2021

Are you using any kind of smart glasses right now for entertainment? 

Welcome bloomer’s again here, Today I am going to tell you about Facebook is going to launch a new era of AR-Enabled smart glasses by 2021. Let’s bloom more about this:-

Facebook is going to launch a new era of AR-Enabled smart glasses by 2021

If you are using Facebook for many years, then it will be glad to know for you that the Facebook CEO “Mark Zuckerberg” is going to launch a new era for smart glasses which seems futuristic with many features not available any kind of wearables right now. He is making a partnership with a French eyewear company namely “EssilorLuxottica”. Their first product will be Ray-Ban planned to launch in 2021. From a recent video conference come to know about the next-gen quest 2 wireless VR headsets, let’s see and wait what surprises are waiting for us in the future by Facebook.
The new upcoming smart Ray-Bans will run on wireless means it will project all the activities from your smartphone to this headset says Zukerberg.
For this Zuckerberg conducted an event saying about the partnership with EssilorLuxottica is good for providing good best glasses to us.
The name of this product is Ray-Bans having futuristic specs, software installed, liable price. The company says more information will be launched before 1 week about it. It is a prototype research device that takes machine perception and also research-based on Artificial intelligence. We will be easily wearable to these glasses as we wear normal glasses today. It has a live map of 3D spaces and can be installed much more features like these by upgrading the hardware, says the company.

This device will capture all the sounds and videos to its lens via a wireless connection. You will also get location tracking feature for your convenience.

These upgraded gadgets will let you connect with people with more ease and could convey your thoughts to them more understandable.
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