Due to cancel of online classes, Teachers set up to team health classes to student’s , Know more here

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Today Our topic is “Due to cancel of online classes, Teachers set up to team health classes to student’s , Know more here

Online education: If Guruji does not study online, he will establish an online health school to know this. In the second wave of corona infection, the virus outbreak was so severe that this time online education for students was also banned. In middle schools, even through online media, teachers cannot teach students in grades nine through twelve. In this case, the experts will not be left behind in establishing an online school for student health. What if the government bans online learning? Teachers can build a healthy school.

During the period of corona infection, it is also important to inform students and their parents about the various positions. Because right now, everyone is confined to their own home. They will also spread awareness through contact with their parents. High school teachers, teachers and regional PTI will explain yoga and asanas online so that students are aware of better health. This arrangement is carried out at the official level at the district level. Teachers also take care of necessary homework at home. During the last corona infection, around 80,000 students participated in online education in the area. They all have teacher and principal cell phones. By making contact with students at home, teachers will teach yoga and pranayama techniques, establish contact with parents, and spread awareness.

The tension of the crown period of GOD will also relieve GOD Dharmendra Kumar Sharma, said Dr. Dharmendra Kumar Sharma, teachers have also received Yoga training programs before the halo period. Teachers usually understand yoga and asanas. If they stay home and inform students about these activities in half an hour or an hour through online media, students will also stay healthy and get rid of the crown. At the same time, teachers must also participate in yoga activities. This will benefit teachers and disciples. This step is planned to benefit students and teachers at the district level. In the coming days, the action plan will be implemented through a virtual meeting with the director.

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