Charge your 100% phone in just 15 minutes by Qualcomm’s Quick charge

Do, you often feel hope my phone would get a 100% charge in just 15 minutes?

Welcome bloomer’s again here, Today I am going to tell you the new concept to charge your phone 100% in just 15 minutes by Qualcomm’s quick charge. Let’s bloom together more about this:-

Charge your 100% phone in just 15 minutes by Qualcomm’s Quick charge

This fast-charging concept is introduced by Qualcomm, named as Qualcomm Quick charge 5. The company says, now you can charge your phone in less time than ever, As charger of 100 watts is made for this purpose lets you charge 50% in just 5 minutes and 100% in just 15 minutes. As you know the company had already worked on this concept earlier like Quick charge 4 and Quick charge 4+ which were good in charging in less time and also worked efficiently, but now on this concept of charging speed company said it would be 70% more efficient than above concepts 4 and 4+ versions. They said while charging your phone you would not get to heat, as claimed 10 degrees celsius cooler than previous versions.
Quick charge 5 is using USB Power delivery programmable power supply shortly (PD-PPS), it is a division of USB type c which we use now in most of our smartphones. Actually, it delivers power even in the greater voltage supply and current levels during the charging process. gives advantages to any USB powered PD-PPS charger charges your device at full speed. It supports 2s battery systems for two battery cells connected in series, increases charging voltage enables an increase in charging speed of your phone.
For your kind information, older devices using quick charge 4 and 4+ will also have a support of this in USB-C PD devices and iphones.
Quick charge 5 comes with full package in terms of charging including it’s all previous versions.
Many companies are using Qualcomm product in various sectors like their mouses, modem suppliers, keyboards etc. and power solutions to charge to their devices in less time. It has many features which you will know when purchased, Don’t forget buy it
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