Can you take out the flying lady of Rolls-Royce

Have you ever tried this with your Rolls-Royce?

Welcome bloomer’s again here, The flying lady or spirit of Ecstasy of Rolls-Royce cars is coming with cars since 1920 with giving pride to it. This ornament of Rolls-Royce is attached with a spring functioned system which is retractable.

With its keys you can also retract this by pressing a button. There is a history of these cars that they are as usual made spectacle but the beauty is speechless when not flying lady comes with it. Spirit of Ecstasy is installed in stainless steel.

Company gives choices to this ornament for constructing it in gold or crystal. Other’s luxuries like Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Lamborghini and Porsche has unique ornament increasing their brand value with beauty found to get stolen in certain cases but here for Rolls-Royce, its slightly different when try to steal.

This will automatically get down in a point second gets escaped in a stainless steel layer, you can found this on Youtube videos.

It could only become possible with spring-loaded mechanism and get detracted into a radiator shell, makes it possible to escape the flying lady of 3-inch in any bad probable cases.

Believe me, this lets it become more conscious of the protection of this ornament. The electric motor installed here is of high rpm makes it fast to detract.

Company says that it will cost a less than that price for the damage of this mechanism when misfortune happens.

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