Best UV self-cleaning earbuds by LG at $150

Welcome bloomers again here, In this blog I will tell you the latest LG’s self UV cleaning buds at the lower price which you can buy now.  This UV self-cleaning earbuds by LG is the best buds to grab. Now let’s begin from here.

Best UV self-cleaning earbuds by LG at $150

If you have any earbud right now, then you may be suffering from poor connection, bad quality, etc. But now I am telling you brother it is the best earbud by LG which has futuristic features at a low price. LG earbud has a unique design from others and it has HBS-FN6 earbuds, in which its case has a UV light that kills 99.99% bacteria that births from continuous listening to music in your ears. It has Tone plus free buds which were early released in South Korea. Apart from this new feature, it has the following features:-
1) It is wireless earbuds
2) Battery life is  6 hours of buds but with the smart case, it is 12 hours extra which means you can play up to 18 hours.
3)No active noise cancellation o earbuds but it has dual microphone results reduce background on calling.
4)Case supports wireless charging.
Now you are thinking why these companies are looking serious in cleaning the gadgets with advanced methods like Samsung doing with their products, Acc. to a recent survey of gadgets, we come to know that due to this pandemic time interval we are just focusing to sanitize our hands as much as, body, changing masks in a certain time so from these activities, electronic companies give an eye to their products and found that we should also have to sanitize feature on our devices which should be automatic from this the idea about UV self-clearing earbuds generated.
Brother, I want to say you first see it’s lower two additional cheaper models.
1) HSB-FN5W which costs $129 which has a similar design and same battery life but does not have a cleaning feature.
2)HSB-FN4 has a case but does not support wireless charging and also lacks in UV cleaning.
Now, brother I want to give you my honest review that is you should go to your budget perhaps the price is not too big but if you choose my opinion then I will say  HBS-FN6 earbuds, costs $150.
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