best Chromebook to buy in 2020

Welcome bloomers again here, Now are you searching for the best Chromebooks to buy in 2020, then you are at the right place brother, I have told one and only one of the best Chromebooks which you should buy acc. to my recommendations brother. Now you have to go below to buy the best Chromebook in 2020.


Chromebooks are now becoming far more useful than windows laptops, whereas Chromebook is just run in android which you may think is a little bit useful but now they are more powerful in that you can run more than a heavy application that you cannot run on a window laptop or other versions.
so, in markets, there are many more recommendations to buy Chromebooks but apart from that, you should buy this beast Chromebook which is a daddy of them all,, yes daddy!.
ASUS CHROMEBOOK FLIP C434:- this is a beast Chromebook which I was saying to you to buy it, but listen firstly you should have some knowledge about it, before buy and why I was recommending it to you.
DISPLAY:- The display of this Chromebook is 14-inch and it has a bezel around the screen which makes it a premium with having a full HD touch screen.
KEYBOARD:- keyboard is great to type soft type typing and suppose light of your room gone, then thinking my work has stopped but cool brother it has backlit below the keyboard which glows very brightly.
USB types:-  it has one USB-A port and 2 USB-C types on the opposite side of the Chromebook, now you have two options to plug.
TRACKPAD:- it has an accurate trackpad with a soft touch.
STORAGE:- it has an inbuilt storage of 64 GB  but if you want to increase storage then go for it as it has expandable storage (SD).
PROCESSOR:- 8GB of RAM with intel core M3-8100Y
Now one more thing, the price range is (500$ -700$) depending upon the configuration you choose, It has a bezel display with an HD touch screen, so you can have a stylus for it and use it as an iPad for your leisure.
According to my recommendation, you should go for an 8GB ram configuration, and literally, it will be a beast one for doing multi-tasking and running your heavy software on it.
you can do one thing also with it, i.e it is rotatable to 360 degrees and now go where you want to use it (adjust it acc. to your place). The battery life is such good for your work and it can go up to 8- hrs on average working on it.
So, buy this Chromebook even you are a blogger and student(college or school).
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