Apple and Google new “Virginia” app can detect COVID-19 patients around you

Do you want to detect people of COVID positive around you?

Welcome bloomer’s again here, Today I am going to tell you about Apple and Google’s new “Virginia” app can detect COVID-19 patients around you. Let’s bloom together more about “VIRGINIA“s app:-

Apple and Google new “Virginia” app can detect COVID-19 patients around you

Apple and Google new "virginia" app can detect COVID-19 patients around you
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Virginia decided to release the COVID-19 notification app for people in the present week on behalf of Google and Apple claimed in April for this COVID tracker app. The name of this COVID tracker is “COVIDWISE” is designed by Apple and Google system in the US and it was first tested as a beta version by the state department of health of the US.
The COVIDWISWE claims it is designed to secure patient’s health from viruses and doesn’t store any personal information of the people like privacy, location data, and histories. it generally tracks the people around you who are COVID positive. It works like suppose x is found to be positive then he will register in this app then VDH(Virginia department of health) will give him a PIN number and he will register his report in the app and other people around him in past 14 days interval get notified that we don’t have to move on there. This results in health security measures for non-positive people hence lower will the cases.
These health notifications are done by BlueTooth signal that can be easily predicted when a healthy user is in contact of around 6 feet from an unsafe user for 15 minutes partially depend on(center for Disease Control and Prevention definition of “close contact”. Once you get notified when you can easily turn off exposure notifications at your desired time.
Apple and Google’s system is directly configured on Bluetooth low energy called (BLE) which ensures it does not track any physical location of the person via GPS while it aggregates and stores signals from nearby phones by the user which is about change in every 15 minutes. Both companies publicized their partnership in April for this app and released the system’s API to health departments in MAY. See if half of the population installed this app and enable apps access in their phone then this app claims I have data of the kind of people around you and safe you from the virus.
clearly, the fact is the more no. of people download this app the more it will be beneficial for peoples health, said the director of Richmond and Henrico health districts in Virginia “Danny Avula” if half of the people download and enable it in the phone then we will have sufficient data ton detect the health safety measures and safe the other people. The app needs around 10,000 downloads from both Apple and Android phones.
Download the “COVIDWISE” app and also share it with your friends for more downloads. Thanks for your visit to
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