Amazon Prime Video Set with Neil Gaiman as a Writer, Co-Showrunner

Amazon Prime Video Set with Neil Gaiman as a Writer, Co-Showrunner

Anansi Boys’ Amazon arrives. On Wednesday, Prime Video announced that it had ordered a six-episode series adaptation of the 2005 Fantasy Novel by Neil Gaiman on Charlie Nancy and Spider, the twin siblings and sons of the western-African trickster god Anansi, named after Mr. Nancy, on Earth. But Amazon states that Anansi Boys will be a self-contained novel and will not be a succession to American Gods.

Gaiman will serve on Amazon’s Anansi Boys Adaptation as an author, co-showrunner, and executive producer, part of his entire business at Amazon Studios. The co-authors of Gaiman are Sir Lenny Henry, Arvind Ethan David, Kara Smith, and Racheal Ofori. Douglas Mackinnon (Good Omens) and Gaiman will co-show.

The first episode of Anansi Boys will be directed by Hanelle M. Culpepper (Star Trek: Picard). Other episodes will be directed by Jermain Julien (Grantchester) and Azhur Saleem (Doctor Who).

Further executive manufacturers are Henry, Mackinnon, Culpepper, Hilary Bevan Jones (Endor Productions), and Richard Fee (Red Production Company). Paul Drift is going to make it.

We needed Amazon Prime to come on board and embrace our vision, we needed Hanelle Culpepper’s craft and vision, we needed the creative and engineering wizardry of Douglas Mackinnon (who worked out the possibility to shoot a story in a big studio outside Edinburgh around the world), and we needed the rest of this incredible talent that nobody else could shoot.

When it was conceived, he told the audiobook and kept the production’s core accurate. We try to exhibit Anansi Boys and break ground with her to do something that promotes and rejoices in diversity, both in front and behind the camera.

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