Abbott’s company can test people COVID-19 in 15 minutes at only $5

Do you already want a cheap and accurate COVID-19 test?

Welcome, bloomer’s again here, Today I am going to tell you about Abbott’S company can test people COVID-19 in just $5. Let’s bloom more about this:-

Abbott's company can test people COVID-19 in 15 minutes at only $5
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Abbott’s company can test people COVID-19 in 15 minutes at only $5

It seems proud when technology helps in this pandemic in every aspect in this a company named Abbott launches its COVID-19 test in just $5 which reliefs a person by heart in terms of money and testing. This test is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Abbott’s laboratories claim to get a result of this test in 15 minutes at a cheap price $5 to the people which will results test in more no. of COVID patients, with this phenomenon laboratories are going to test people around 50million per month by October.
This test is similar to a pregnancy test in which a plastic card is used for the testing commonly named BinaxNow by health care company Abbott. They are also about to synchronize an app with this BinaxNow test which will let the people test negative in the test then they will get a pass called “Digital health pass” which will display on their phone said CEO Robert Ford in the disclosure that the conflation of app with BinaxNow will offer a “Comprehensive testing solution”. As due to the simpler design of this test kit will be able to test thousands of people in the upcoming months, this test is a crucial outcome to fight against this pandemic in an affective way says the director of the FDA center for devices and radiological health “Jeff Shuren” in a disclosure.
This test can be used in multiple areas like in schools, doctor’s clinics and rooms, hospitals, etc says FDA.
It is done by taking off a Nasal swab, then it is directly inserted into the BinaxNow card and if a colored line showed then he/she is positive and if not found to be negative. BinaxNow works on the tiny proteins on the surface of the virus whether to detect on genetic of the virus. 
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