Zephyr Cool Gaming Mouse with little fan under $60.

Welcome bloomer’s again here, Today I am going to tell A beast mouse under 60$ built premium for gamers. What do you mean by the term “Zephyr”, exactly a soft gentle breeze but why have we used this term here? Just install a fan in it to make you not feel sweat while using it for long hours.

Do you want to know more about it? Then what’s waiting for… Let’s go!

Zephyr Gaming Mouse has a lot to tell but I am going to tell you only highlighted specs that will make your decision to go for it or not.

First of all, The size of the mouse is a bit smaller when compared to others, Here you will see 121.6 millimeters long 65.5 millimeters wide, and 40.7 millimeters height. You can see a back hump that will make you comfortable to grip and you will be able to rest your palm at a 45-degree angle.

The palm grip helps to run the mouse with more ease. The RGB Fan installed in it makes it cooler in two ways 1st making your hands out of sweat and 2nd giving out an attractive look for others when entering into your room. The fan is not only a fan but got an RGB Fan run efficiently to remove your sweat presented on your palm makes lower your PC temperature the kill to death ratio.

It has left and right buttons with Omron switches built for  50 million clicks and a little lip in the front. This lip helps those who have bigger hands.

Now after this hands-on review let’s explore its other built-in features that let you change the speed of the fan to slow, medium, or fast as per need, its very light in weight gives an advantage to gamers’ speed due to 64grams. It is light due to the material used in making is 3rd printed material.

You can choose the resolution of your graphics with its DPI button. The components used are top-notch that give features like 50 million clicks, Omron switches, and pixart 3389 sensors giving you almost up to 16,000 DPI.

What are OMRON switches In Zephyr Mouse?

OMRON is a Japanese company initiated in 1933 that produces fast switches that are durable and works for a lifetime. In the mouse, it has been covered up with 50 million clicks. The mouse has no doubt an ergonomic design that gives comfort when playing in long run.

You should also watch the lights that have 16 million RGB lights with animations. You can also choose your favorite colors to want to look in the mouse’s ambiance. The front of the mouse displays 7 seamless animations. You can access it by holding both main buttons with clicking the side buttons in different options. In such manner, you can of it also if want.

Amazing Scrolling Wheels ! in Zephyr Mouse

When comes to the scroll wheel it feels even better with RGB. Scrolling down the content with the scroll wheel seems easy with it. The scrolling wheel has rubber for better grip during playing and literally matches with your DPI setting.

It has a high-grade paracord cable which is flexible and gives you feel like it’s wireless. Also due to its lightweight body, it moves very quietly over your table surface.  It also has a USB connector colored gold plated for extreme connectivity and a PTFE bottom pad gives you a gliding experience.

 A Free Blower! in Zyphr Mouse

The company gives you a free blower which helps you to let rid of dust inside the mouse. Zephyr is truly built-in viewing the conditions of a gamer and heavy user face in their daily life. You can get it under $50-$80 on marsback site.

So, I am ending this article now but you have to end up with your own review and experience with zephyr through commenting down below.

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