How To Get Job In Digital Marketing?

So you have planned to get job in digital marketing, Don’t worry You’ve landed to right place. I can tell you from scratch how to get job in digital marketing.

I am in digital marketing since 2015. I’ve practiced a lot of tools, tactics, and dark secrets of this field very well.

This is not too late to start your career as digital marketer even many people near you are already in this job sector.

If you’re willing to start your digital career by seeing high salary of your friends or YouTuber then yes you’re right. They are paid very well even being a fresher.

It’s quite pleasant to know you that you can learn digital marketing without involving in digital marketing course at a college or university.

You can start this career just by sitting at home and having a laptop at your table. You’ve to just follow the resources I’ve listed here and learning consistently will bring you fruitful results.


What Is Digital Marketing Job

A digital marketing job includes creating and executing a marketing plan to reach specific audience via digital marketing channels.

It involves creation of content, managing social media accounts, analyzing customer’s data and optimizing marketing campaigns.

Or You can also be hired to manage budgets and tracking performance of marketing campaigns to drive desired results.

In this job, it doesn’t mean if you are pro in SEO then you’ll be like I’ll only do SEO related work and not other work then you may be in blunder. Because in digital marketing team one should have at least basic knowledge of each fundamental of digital marketing.

If you want to know all the fundamentals of digital marketing then please check out this blog post. It’ll cover your basics in better way.

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Or In digital marketing job, it requires the understanding of tools and strategies to reach and engage with customers online in order to increase sales and brand awareness.


Is Digital Marketing A Good Career?

Obviously yes! If you want to work from anywhere in the world or at your own comfort then digital marketing career is made for you.

We’re living in a digital world and as you know companies need digital advertising to increase their sales. That’s they need digital advertising.

Do Digital Marketing Jobs Pay Well?

A big Yes. Your salary will increase as your experience, education, skills increases. According to data from Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) the median salary of advertising, promotion and marketing managers was $132, 620 in 2020. But now it has increased.

If we move our head to Glassdoor results then a digital marketer earns $129,381 per year depends on the location.

Yu should note that a sudden spike in digital marketing industry is going to hit and to fulfil business demands a top notch digital marketing skills. So if you that guy then you’ll have money everywhere on the bed.

So if you haven’t chose any career path and want to earn more and more then digital marketing can uplift your life.

How To Find Digital Marketing Jobs?

It’s easy as much as running bike in traffic. Kidding.

Well I’ve breakdown 7 Methods to get job in digital marketing. Read it carefully and note down or take screenshot of considered method.

1. Learn all the basics of digital marketing and take it to advance level. To do this you can read books, listne to podcast, watch videos, enroll in online courses.

2. Build some projects to showcase your portfolio. You can create a personal website and by doing seo get rank it for targeted keywords.

3. Create your resume and build your LinkedIn profile with your projects, digital marketing skills, and experience. Make sure to add the mode of learning like if you enrolled in a course then show it in your LinkedIn profile. And if you are self taught digital marketer then just add there.

4. Start building your network with best industry professionals. You can find them on social media as they’re active there. Don’t forget to attend industry events in your area. Make connections and surround yourself with people who work in digital marketing.

5. Start hunting on job searching websites like LinkedIn, Indeed and Glassdoor.

6. Get featured in internships or entry-level positions so that you can gain some experience and nourish your skills.

7. Cover the basics of different fundamentals of digital marketing but become a master of one field. It can be SEO, Social Media or Content Writing & Marketing. It’ll separate you from others and you’ll be landed as best candidate in front of HR.

8. Now research company and job requirements and start making your resume and cover letter that must include necessary skills and experience you have.

9. Before applying you should prepare for interview and all digital marketing questions they can ask.

To make sure you can get a job in digital marketing I have added all digital marketing questions, best resume builder and at last best digital marketing books you should go for.


Digital Marketing Job Opportunities

Well, There are many job opportunities waiting for you.

Some of them are:-

1. Digital Marketing Executive:- He takes care of the strategies involved in digital marketing of a project and he creates deadlines for client’s projects.

2. Social Media Executive:- He creates and manages social media campaigns.

3. SEO Specialist:- He optimizes websites and its content to improve search engine rankings and to drive more traffic.

4. Content Marketing Specialist:- He creates valuable content for search engines, social media in order to attract audience.

5. Email Marketing Specialist:- He creates eye catching emails and manages all running email marketing campaigns.

6. Web Designer:- He builds attractive websites and manages all stuff in front end and back end. He also builds web applications when needed.

7. Online community manager:- He manage and customize online communities and social media accounts.

8. PPC Specialist:- He manages paid search campaigns.

If you want to know more about these digital marketing job profiles then check out here.

There are more job roles in digital marketing it depends on company such as B2C, B2B, e-commerce or healthcare.

Is Digital Marketing A Stressful Job

It depends on several factors like working environment, senior support, job role and job responsibilities.

It is up to you, how fast you adapt with your surrounding. I’ve many friends and I asked this same question and they said that I’m enjoying a lot, my company does several activities to boost our body and mind from work. They help whenever I need, got in trouble and if I work for long hours then he says to take a break otherwise it will leave a bad impact on your health.

So, it’s quite good job and as you gain more experience you get more tasks to go for. Here we end up with all topics you asked on getting a job in Digital Marketing.

Free Digital Marketing Courses

1. Google Digital Garage:- A free digital marketing course with certification launched by Google. This course includes SEO, SEM, and email marketing.

2. Hubspot Academy:- A great opportunity to learn and master digital marketing for free with topics like inbound marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing.

3. Alison:- This free digital marketing course has covered all the aspects of digital marketing you need to land in high paying job. It includes SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and Online Advertising.

4. edX:- This is again a free course on Digital Marketing, it has covered Social Media Marketing, Online Advertising.

5. LinkedIn Learning:- You can learn digital marketing for free on LinkedIn. It has covered all the fundamentals of digital marketing.

6.Udemy:- However it is paid platform but still there are some top educators who have launched free digital marketing course.

7. My Great Learning:- This is another platform that offers free digital marketing courses, including SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Online Advertising.

8. Google Digital Unlocked:- It offers free digital marketing courses that covers all the fundamentals of digital marketing.

9. Simplilearn:- You can also choose this course to learn digital marketing. This YouTube channel has covered all the basics and requirements needed in Digital Marketing Career.

10. Edureka:- This platform is our last best recommendation to learn and land in high paying job in digital marketing.


Free Digital Marketing Resume

Well there are many websites that create resume but here I’ve listed best websites to create best resume under 15 minutes:-

1. Canva:- It has pre-built resume that you can just customize and update with your details for free.

2. Google Docs:- You can create awesome resume from free resume templates. You’ve to just customize it.

3. Zety:- A free resume builder with wide range of free templates and designing tools. Just need to customize according to your needs.

4. Again a free platform offering free templates and tools to build attractive resume.

5. Hloom:- This website allows you to design powerful and attractive designs for your resume.

This is how you can create powerful resume and start your digital marketing for free. You’ve to be consistent while learning and practice a lot.

Always remember slow and steady with right strategy always wins the race. Have a good day!.

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