Treatment for Diabetes – Diet, Exercise, Yoga, Hip Bath

What is the treatment for Diabetes? How to cure Diabetes at home?

Have you ever tried these methods for the treatment of diabetes at home? 6 months ago, A diabetic patient (Can’t reveal his name) and a friend of mine were full of depressed about not finding a way of treating diabetes. He has gone through many medicines, check-ups, doctors, maintaining regular exercise, and diet but they all drowned in the water. He wasted a lot of time in these such shits just because of poor guidance. Fortunately, he contacted me on Instagram and shared his problem in a detailed manner like his medicines, diet plan, and exercise.

After examining his condition, I suggested he look at the Ayurvedic method for treating diabetes from its root. I made his full-day diet plan in which foods and liquors have to take and what not!, Yoga asanas, meditations, and natural therapies. He got admired and started implementing these methods and after 6 months of dedicated work and patience, he killed diabetes just by staying at home. If someone guided him then he could be recovered too early.

I have come here, To introduce you to those methods and natural cures which helped him in the treatment of diabetes. But please when we start the conversation then don’t break the connection by closing or moving to another site. Believe me, it will be worth it!

Treatment for diabetes

There are numerous ways in the medical field for a treatment Diabetes but only natural and yoga therapy are considered best for fighting diabetes. Are you thinking some ayurvedic medicines will be given as said natural then a big no! It can be treated by doing Yoga, Exercise, water therapy, soil therapy, maintaining a diet, and meditation.

Diet for Diabetes

A Diabetic patient can follow this diet for a whole day but one thing should be kept in mind that you have to first review it with your doctor and ask is it beneficial for me? As everybody has different.  Adding it to your diet will definitely bring good results to you. Let’s check out those foods and beverages have to include in your whole day diet.


  • Early morning, Take 200 ml of water,  a piece of lemon, and 4 -5 pieces of garlic. Make the lemonade and cut down the pieces of garlic then shake the glass and drink!
  • (2) After 2 hours, 30 grams of fenugreek seeds are soaked in 200 ml of water for the night. After filtered, You have to use only drink water or can be used along with it.
  • Then after two hours take 50 ml of bitter gourd juice. You can also take it with tomato soup.
  • Take 2-3 Rotis of mixed wheat, barley, and gram grounded in equal amounts with curd and add salad as well.


  • Afternoon, Take 2 glasses of buttered milk and 100gm curd with it. Also, take 1 to 1/2 spoonful of Jamun kernels powder.

[ Note:- Those who don’t eat chapatti for breakfast, can eat it for lunch]


In the evening (from 3 to 5 pm) any fruit available such as papaya, pomegranate, Grapes, orange, pear, take up to 200 grams or take the juice of any one fruit.


Two chapatis with green vegetables, along with sprouted grains (gram, moong, Mauth, wheat, etc.), curd, take a salad.

Prohibition – Tea, sugar, coffee, chili, hot spices, fried-roasted, bread-biscuit, etc. for diabetic’s Diet should be avoided.

Treatment for Diabetes

Good Diet for diabetes

Lentils are the most suitable food for diabetic patients; because pulses are a special type of food fiber “calactanus” is found, which is secreted by the intestines and decreases the absorption of sugar. Sprouted grains for diabetic patients should be taken because the carbohydrates from them are found in bread, lentils, and rice. Diabetic patients staying fasting are beneficial for them. Having a hypoglycaemic effect in the appropriate diet,  The elements of tantha are found to be natural insulin and enzymes. From this, the liver and the pancreatic glands are active. Blood sugar and urine decreased to normal levels. There is an expected benefit from the consumption of flour mixed with Fenugreek, spinach, choolai greens, and chaulaikat with a suitable diet.

Natural remedies for diabetes:-

  • Diabetic patients should visit a naturopathy center in the morning. After taking a strip of soil (half an hour) on the spine and stomach, take a hot warm and massage should be done.
  • If there is a complaint of constipation even the slightest, then the basti karma or enema must have as soon as possible.
  • Steam bath, hot-cold bath, and hip bath should be taken as advised by your doctor.
  • It is beneficial to take a cold bath every morning and then go for a walk.
  • Take a full body massage and sunbathe. Change these therapies according to your body’s needs and conditions.
  • You have to warm your pancreas and liver and then go for a massage in that area.
  • Swimming is also very useful for diabetics. But consult with your doctor first before going for a swim.

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Hip Bath


Treatment for Diabetes - Hip Bath

Method – Fill a tub full of water at 70 F. Dip the diabetic patient till his navel and feet should be placed above a small wooden stool. The water temperature can be also set as the needs of the patient’s body. after sitting in the tub with a piece of linseed or fluffy napkin. Keep moving your hands by rubbing the lower part of the navel lightly here and there. In this way, a 5-minute daily bath should be taken. if the water temperature is 60°F, then sit in the water for three minutes. wash the body after the cut-bath, Wipe off, and put on clothes immediately. Then lying on the bed, blanket, etc. Cover yourself with a blanket and take heat for 10 minutes.

Steam Bath


Treatment for Diabetes - Steam Bath

Steam-bath, Get it done too. Vapor-bath purifies the body. Limb stiffness goes away. It reduces obesity and helps in getting rid of chronic diseases. But

Patients suffering from heart disease, delirium, epilepsy, and tuberculosis should not be used steam baths. Here the doctor should use his discretion.

Method – Make the patient sit on a cane chair or make him lie on a cot. Steam can also be put in a box. Boil water in a vessel. There is a pipe in this vessel so that the pipe vapor can be delivered to the patient lying on the cot covered with a blanket and steam should not come out from inside. The patient is made to lie naked on a cot, the vapor is sent in through one edge. It should be noted that the Vaish should not touch the bare body upright, otherwise the body of the patient will be waterlogged. After the patient sweats, the natural temperature is removed from there. After bathing in the water, you should lie on the bed and cover it with a blanket. Action, During this time the patient should be protected from direct air. A steam bath or any natural bath should be taken only under the direction of the doctor.

Sun Bath


Treatment for Diabetes - Sun Bath

Method – The sun’s rays have the power to destroy many types of diseases. For this, lie down on a mat at sunrise and head and face. Cover it with a wet cloth. So lie down for 30 minutes to 90 minutes. If there is more speed in the sun, then a 30-minute sunbath is enough. If you lie down in the sun, But if you have a headache or nervousness, reduce the time. After having a sunbath, You can also have a hip bath. You have to wear clothes according to the season after an amazing sunbath.

Medicated Enema

Treatment for Diabetes - Medicated Anema


Method – By filling a container with up to 1.5 feet of water or anywhere up to the navel, standing in water, in a metal, a narcool, or a rubber tube. Apply the water to the large intestine by binding the uddian and then apply it to the stomach. Shake and take out the water through the anus. This process is called Enema.

(Note: (i) Hot-foot-bath after Basti-karma or enema is beneficial (ii) Lumbar bath before Basti-karma or enema is useful. )

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Exercise for Diabetes

A diabetic patient must do the following yoga asanas, pranayamas, meditations

  • Yogasana
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation

Because of their non-artic refinement, the balance of the inter-Aryan texts, It is not possible to get rid of the hardness of the body. Ardhamalayandasana for diabetics, Paschimottanasana, Dhanurasana, Bhujangasana, Halasana, Mattyasana, Uttanapadasana, Yogamudra, Asanas like dormant vajrasana, janu-shirasan, surya namaskar etc are useful. Do flying bonds, pulse-purification, and meditation on a regular basis. Take Medicated Enema as needed.

Yoga for Diabetes

Ardha Chakrasana


Ardha Chakrasana


Method – Standing straight and joining the heels together, keep slightly apart from the claws. Move both the arms over the head and make a salutation pose. Under both hands, including the waist, the thorax, and the baria with full tension by filling the body. It’s possible, Monday. Then, inhale, you come to the former position. Now, this is the undertaking:- Do it on the right side. Do not lean forward in it, nor do the claws in their place. Let it move.

Kati Chakrasana


Kati Chakrasana


To the waist in this posture, In the opposite directions of the circle, It’s rotated! is, so cut it. It is said that chakrasana.

Method – Standing on the ground between the two legs. Keep a difference of feet. Now hands by moving parallel to the ground. Turn around with full force. Keep the feet fixed on the ground. Together supplement it too. Then in the pre-position come on and breathe out. Now inhale to the right side. Repeat this action. Do this process at least three times.





Method – First of all, both kneel down and sit on the ground. Now a knee stands up and bends the other knee in such a way that the toe of the foot outward stays open- and turn the neck to the side where the knee stands, and turn the back of the neck and see. Do the same by changing legs.





While doing this asana, the human figure should be like a Padam (lotus). Therefore, it is called Padmasana by yoga shastras.

Method – Sitting on the carlin, the right leg should be in the left thigh and the left leg. Keep the right thigh at the root in such a way that both the heels come between the pelvis below the navel. Join and both the feet should be fixed on the thighs. Now straighten the spine and neck.

Stop! It never ends here. Let me do some more research on the treatment of diabetes. Keep visiting your site so to be updated on my new articles on diabetes and its treatment. Have a good day!

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