2 free exercises for how to be a focused Guy in life

First of all, I welcome you to be present here for listening to this amazing article. As you read on the title “2 free exercises for how to be a focused Guy in life “. Many of us including you are struggling from not having focus in life. This article will help you to

How To Focus

How to get a laser shaped in life which can burn your negatives, low outputs, poor performance in your profession, not able to memorize what you learned a minute ago. Please listen to this article carefully, And I am definitely sure it will take you to where you want to reach.

Are you struggling from not being able to think clearly, you can’t memorize what you study and learn,  can’t maintain your attention while doing something important than let’s start our cargo with a full boost to reach our planet “Mars”.

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See, the focus is not something like which can be achieved today, tomorrow but it’s a process that takes dedication time, and continuity to get a laser focus in life.

Before discussing the mango, first of all, let’s discuss the problems that cause poor performance in your school, college, office, poor in making serious decisions, not being able to sit at one place for a long time, not able to recall the things said it a minute ago by your senior or teacher.

You are not able to think deeply which is mandatory that you can’t complete your work at one go you make errors while doing something easily doable things. Let’s talk about why this is all negative happening to you, then just need focus, focus is what you need in life to live life happily, and gracefully. Focus helps you to achieve things easily.

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Suppose you have planned a day in which you have structured your time in a paper like I have to do this from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. and so on. You have bound yourself from certain time Limited conditions. You have to put all your energy and say to your brain “I have to do this very efficiently” in the given passage of time. You have to say this sentence almost three times before jumping onto the work.

It is a damn sure statement that you are about to lose your focus just after 25 minutes or before. See, when you are in that stage then just say to your brain ” Your previously told statement to your brain” that was ” I have to do this efficiently within the given passage of time”, then just after that start doing whatever you are.

It is mandatory for all my listeners to implement this idea before starting the work.

Here are some important points that will help you increase your focus about 50 times more than the previous one. I want to see clearly to you if you are literally dedicated and passionate to get positive outcomes out of your negative then just listen and implement these tips by heart.


2 free exercises for how to be a focused Guy in life

If you are thinking that No, No I can’t do meditation then you are living in a big blunder. There is a simple principle on this earth “The What You Give is The What You Recieve“. Do chanting of Om 108 times a day when there is nobody in your room, sit at a calm place, and just chant of Om just along with your breath.

Let me explain it clearly take a deep breath means filling your lungs with oxygen then releasing it with the loud chant of om.


2 free exercises for how to be a focused Guy in life

I think in our life everyone has tried it once a time but not experienced it. Gazing means looking at a point or a part of an object continuously until you get tired or want to stop. It helps to increase your focus rapidly or within a short span of time. Let’s learn how to do Gazing? Professionally.

First of all, take a paper, black marker then on the center of the paper make a dot by playing with marker round and round. After it, Stick it to the wall making it clearly visible and comfortable to your sitting and body posture. Make sure you have positioned the paper with the height of your back to your head.

With the passage of your time and practice, you will lose all your negatives and the positive ones will come out of you and will bring success to your life

One day, You will experience zero thoughts means what you input in your brain gives better output.

Note:- While doing this for a month or year, Please make sure not to watch horror movies and don’t listen to any ghost stories. If you love podcasts then explore more topics on your favorite platforms like Google Podcast, Amazon Podcast, Apple Podcast, Spotify, Gaana, etc.

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