12 Best Free Resume Builder To Get Your Dream Job

Oh! You want to build a resume that can grant your job in dream company. Luckily, You are at the right place, I’m going to tell you 12 best free resume builder which you can choose what you like most. At the end, I’ll share my own experience to build job granted resume and some do’s & don’ts you must follow.

Many job seekers are confused on how I can build resume that should not get rejected. To do this, they flood internet with their queries but no one will tell the dark side of hiring on the basis resume. Throughout my experience and having many friends working on top tech companies including Google, I’ll reveal this dark side.

It’s definitely damn sure that if you stick to this blog till the end then it doesn’t matter you are a fresher or experienced, You’ll definitely get your dream job with these best free resume builder

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So, without wasting more time let’s unbox 21 best free resume builders.

12 Best Free Resume Builders

Before jumping to it, Do you have LinkedIn profile? If no then please create it first. You know, many companies value your LinkedIn profile more than your submitted resume. So make it first.

To make your LinkedIn profile professional, You just have to observe other LinkedIn profiles that matches with your domain. Believe me, it’s incredible.

At the end of this blog, I’ll be sharing my top best websites to build resume in one hour and some major check points that you miss to highlight or add mostly times.

Canva – A Best Free Resume Builder

Canva is my first and best tool to build stunning resume in less time. It has pre-built templates that has all essential details and designing tools. You have to customize and update with your details. See I’ve attached an example.

21 Best Free Resume Builder To Get Your Dream Job

Google Docs – A Best Free Resume Builder

A free tool by Google. Filled with tons of professional looking templates as per your industry needs. Just sign in Google docs to use it.

Resume.com – A Best Free Resume Builder

It has all essential details that a resume should have. You’ll get different templates and writing fonts for absolutely free. Like Canva there are limited features bounded in free plan. But that much is enough for you.


To build resume faster then you can do it here. Zety is easy to use, customized templates, designs all at free. The templates used here are certified by top industry professionals, and moreover you can also build cover letter and CV.

Novo resume

I loved this resume builder because of it’s UI. It’s amazing websites with tons of templates available free and paid for you. But only free templates are enough for you. You’ll be surprised with templates to use here.

Resume Genius

A quicker and easier resume builder for any job seekers. This website is boosted with tons of free templates. You can just go for it. Just click on title to start building your resume.


This website is loaded with simple and colorful templates to build your amazing resume. Hloom offers resume builder, cover letter, and CV’s. The website has particular blog section that guides for building professional resume’s.


Easy to build resume builder in front of your screen. You’ve plenty of options to choose which template according to your need and wants. You can also go for it.


Again a free resume builder with free tons of templates. You can choose templates as per industry needs. You can choose bullet points according to your company logo colors. And much more tools waiting for you.

My Perfect Resume

Just fill your name, city, ph. no. and email and you are ready to build job resume. You’ve plenty of templates like above websites. Just go and build.

Resume Now

It comes with popular features like trending designing tools and resume format. Just go to this website and choose templates according to your need.

Resume Builder

You can choose specific template according to your work experience, industry needs, and achievements. You can present your skills and achievements in clear & beautiful way. Bang on it.

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Now let’s move to which points you must consider while building your resume.

How To Make Resume

Building job winning resume is easy if you follow these websites.

Writing Name

  • Your name should be in bold and most legible words.

Short Description

  • Write about yourself as short description. I suggest you to write it after completing whole resume.

LinkedIn Profile

  • Add contact details. Your contact details must include your phone number, professional email address, LinkedIn profile and a portfolio website. Please note that your email should contain name and less numbers.

Work Experience

  • Now write about your work experience. If you are experienced candidate applying for then you have to write all the achievements you’ve done while at work. You’ve to add previous company’s experience, designation and duration. In duration only month and year is enough. And if you’re still working in your then you can write it as Dec 31 to present.

Super powers of your company

  • Write a one-line unique description about your worked company. Because recruiter will not focus on is it company popular? his major focus is what’s unique or unheard about your company. In short just highlight establishment and size of the company .


  • Never add job profile or work experience. Modify it using a word “Achievements”. Recruiter won’t care what’s your job profile in that company, they only want what achievements you got whether it would be sales or revenue. For example if you made sales worth of million dollars in your company then must highlight it proudly.


  • Write about your education. Consider writing your high school marks if it’s good or don’t write. Recruiter won’t care about it.

Additional Information

  • Now move to additional information. Don’t add your achievements area, as most people does this mistake. Add what skills you have like a good team player, quick learner, multiple interests and done multiple internships.


  • Write and highlight about your self in few words. It’ll be considered as summary.

Now I’m going to tell you some extra tips to make an awesome resume.

  • Don’t make any punctuation mistakes, spelling mistakes
  • Use accurate English words. If you’re not comfortable in English writing then use tools like Grammarly.
  • Don’t send your resume in doc or any other format. Use only pdf format while sending resume to recruiter.

*Million dollar tip*

My friend there are tons of applications a recruiter have to go through. For this recruiter only read each resume for 10-15 seconds. So what to do now? How you can be differentiated from others who are building same resume like you?

If you’ve listened to me till now! then you are lucky because most people only jumped to websites I shared above that’s good enough. Here I’m talking about your chances of being selected. This tip will increase your chances of being selected. And that is,

Your Unique Way of Describing Yourself

You’ve to build your self in a way that not others are doing. Either it could be your personal website highlighted all achievements and work you had or a video that catches attention of the recruiter, Both these tips will separate you from the crowd.

At this point we’ve covered all the aspects of building sure proof resume that can’t be rejected, if you checked out my previous guide where I talked about How to get job in Digital Marketing then you must checkout.

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Hope you loved this resume builder points. Let’s meet some other day with another topic. Till then see yaah!!

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